Back To Business Roll Call: What are you working on now + New Goodies!

Greetings Everyone...


The kids are going back to school and its time for us to get back to business. Join this discussion now - share what you are up to, what you are launching, what events you are planning and/or going to ... let's reconnect AND/OR make new connections.


I will start ....
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Now it is your turn - post, share, exchange.

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I am working on my first newsletter for Fit Fruitz and will continue working on my book as well.
What is your book about?

Hello Everyone, 


I'm currently working on several blog projects. 

1) Got a Business and Savvy at what you do? Tell us about it at

2) Are you a Publisher, Author, or Freelance writer and Savvy at what you do? Tell us about it at

3) Are you a Blogger or Internet Marketeer and Savvy at what you do? Tell us about on

I'm getting ready to release my first magazine (in print).  We are on track and on schedule for November 2011 (holiday season).  So excited!!

online version -


Happy end-of-August ladies!

Celebrating my parents 60th wedding anniversary while beginning a small health & beuaty sales/distribution biz.  So many  professionals and beauty supply owners must buy products from from outside of our community so I'm hoping to offer a way to keep the revenues in our community.

East coasters, stay safe and protect your family from the hurricane!!!!!

I love your business concept! In adding you as a so we can network. You should also join me at a social network for the beauty and fashion industries
I love you website! The story about the Louboutins is crazy. What a bad decision on the part of the judge. Good luck on the success of your site.
Thanks so much...hope you joined the network!
What was even worse than the judges decision is.YSL even attempting to copy the concept

Hello everyone!!!


All your projects sound great! Currently, I am working on re-launching my website, which should vbe re-vamped in a couple of weeks. There we sell one of a kind jewelry and fine art.

Hello Everyone,

I have a new website and I wanted to know if you all can check it out and give me some feedback on it? Thanks in advance...


Great site...if you need advertising I offer a ten dollar promotion

I am working on my new Program: The complete Diaper Cake Business Home Study Start Up System, and my new membership mentoring online program to launch later this week. I'm so excited, I have to make myself go to bed because I keep having more ideas and just thinking about it. I know my new home system is going to be answers to so many stay at home moms who want to be home with their babies.


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