If you’re an author in the process of establishing yourself as an industry expert, a blog is an essential platform for communicating new ideas, opinions, and commentary. I go into greater detail on this in the Blogging Best Practices series, but below are a few tips to get you started.


Creating a blog
Free sites such as and offer easy-to-set-up blog templates and hosting tools. However, if you’re seeking a blog with more professional features—including graphical/multimedia layouts, built-in SEO, a comprehensive widget library, and in-depth tracking stats—check out TypePad has a low monthly fee, but it offers authors more options so they can scale blogs to meet evolving personal brand and business needs.


Frequency of posts
While you may not have the time to post content on a daily basis, try to post content on a weekly basis to provide timely and relevant information to readers. Additionally, creating a steady stream of fresh content gives search engines more text to index, which improves your rankings within Google and Yahoo. Blog posts and comments by visitors both count as new content.


Blog postings
It’s important that your blog provide value and information, not just serve as a promotional tool. Focus on sharing tips, strategies, news, events, reviews, and interviews with other important people in your genre. Be sure to allow opportunity for discussion and feedback to drive reader engagement.


Blog Basics

  • User-friendly navigation. It should be easy for readers to find current posts, locate archived posts, and view posts about the same topic. Be sure to tag each of your posts with keywords central to the post’s subject matter, and create basic categories, or headings, under which recurring themes can be grouped.
  • Get linked together. Publish a list of blogs that you follow. Then, you can reach out and request that those bloggers publish reciprocal links to your blog.
  • Comment links. Spread the word about your blog by commenting on blogs that have a similar readership and including your blog’s link in the comment (but be sure you are adding value to the discussion, not just promoting your blog).
  • Blog book tours. Consider a blog book tour. You can pursue coverage of your blog via other bloggers by arranging to be interviewed, offering free content, and requesting a book review. For additional details on blog book tours, check out BlogBookTours and BlogBookTourGuide.
  • Links to your web presence. Always link to your author and book websites on the front page of your blog.
  • Search engine indexing. Use a free service such as Ping-o-matic, which alerts different search engines about new content you’ve recently published on your blog and helps get your content indexed quicker.
GetGlue's book widgets empower you to promote your book and brand across blogs, social networks, and the Web. Simply incorporate this widget into your website, and when someone hovers over your book title, a menu appears showing interested readers a preview of the book, where to purchase the book online, and an option to share the book across social networks.


There are many widgets you can incorporate for free into your blog if you’re using WordPress or TypePad. Check out those two platforms’ widgets here and here.


What are your best tips for authors who blog? 


Rochelle Carter is the President/CEO of Ellechor Publishing House. Ellechor is a publisher of Inspirational Christian books, including Adventure and Romantic fiction, and non-fiction/devotionals dealing with Relationships, Suicide Prevention and General Self-Help.

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Great tips! You are always sharing so much value on BBWO - Thank you! I will share your post in the next BBWO newsletter.

Hello. Great article. I use Wordpress for my Writers Blog and have had good results.  I'm still getting used to the technical bells and whistles and there is still a lot for me to learn but at least I have a presence for my work.  Like you stated I also put other things on my blog besides my poetry and the occasional short story.  I include social commentary, essays and book reviews.  That way visitors to my site get flavor and variety. 

Grace, Peace & Blessings,

DeBorah Ann


these are some great tips lady. thanks for sharing

This is a great tip. I use blogger to host my book and I take certain discussion from my first novel "Sinful Traits" and post it on my blog to get other people views as well as discussion. One part of my book, The mother was raped but she was trying to past her child onto him. The husband of course knows better and leave her. check out my article: He Thinks It's His Child

Agree that creating a blog is a great way to gain more exposure for your books and yourself as an author.  However, you may have to create and submit regular blog posts to keep your blog members connected.  But if you love to write this should be fun!


Denise Turney

Author - Love Pour Over Me


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