"It's ALIVE...." [lol]

Right now I feel like the guy who created Frankenstein. In between coaching and designing and being mom, I've been working on a new series of video tutorials entitled 'Blogging for Beginners' and its FINALLY FINISHED. This project has been nipping at my neck for months and I've been itching to get it done because practically everybody who sends me an email question wants to know...

  1. How to start a blog
  2. How to build a website they can easily mange themselves (a.k.a.) a blog
  3. How to get Me to design a Blog for them even though they can't afford me (lol)
  4. How to market their blog
  5. How to brand their business
  6. How to promote their business via blogging and social media
  7. And the list goes on...

SO I sat down and hammered out 30+ videos on:
  1. Installing and Setting Up a Wordpress Blog
  2. Marketing Your Blog
  3. Building Your Brand Online Via Your Blog
  4. Social Media Marketing & Blogging
  5. Blogging for Profit [The BIG Favorite]

I could have just written an eBook but video tutorials are so easy to follow and I really wanted to show how just about anybody can use wordpress, change their theme, add plugins, and DO SO MUCH MORE. I think this is my best video series to date and its just for those of you who have been begging me to tell you everything I know about blogging.

This is good stuff and it's way too valuable to just throw up online ... so sorry guys, you won't find it on my youtube channel.
I just posted it on WebTechGurl and it's $149 ($349 Value).

You know me, I always like to discount my stuff so that everybody can afford to get what I have to offer SO here is the deal:
  1. The First 5 People to Grab This Video Series get it for $49: Discount Code: B4B49
  2. The Next 20 People to Grab Blogging for Beginners get it for $99: Discount Code: B4B99

I would love love love to give everyone $49 coupons but the babies gotta eat! (lol) You know how it is. Your speedy purchase will of course be rewarded with a nice savings. Just like with my 2009 Closeout Deal, I can't help but give you a TON of quality information, so I guarantee you my course is worth every penny. Not to mention hundreds of dollars that you save on hiring a designer when you learn how to build a blog for yourself.

Oh and one more thing... to completely make sure everyone gets the most out of this series, once you signup, I give you the opportunity to request videos on blogging that might not be already in the series (at no additional cost). Though I can't guarantee that I can get to ALL your requests, I will do what I can. I currently covered the Essential Blogging Concepts that beginners need/should know.

Official URL:

If you have questions about the course, leave me a comment.

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Update: There are only 3 $49 discount coupons left.


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