How to Generate More Income in Your Network Marketing Business

So you want to be a Network Marketer? Well believe me, there's more to it than just signing up and making a whole lot of $$. It requires work, but before the work comes "belief" and I mean you must have lots of it, lol!

Here are a few simple steps that you can take to help prepare you for your new career in Network Marketing:

Step 1 - Use Your Products Regularly
Once you get started in your new business, the very first thing you must do before letting everyone know that you're in business is purchase your product and then start using your product. In other words, become your own customer. Don't just taste or sample your product, but consume or use your product daily and regularly. Make note of how your product makes you feel or how it's helping you. Become acquainted with your own product. Besides, how can you sell a "thing" if you don't know what that "thing" is or does?

Step 2 - Attitude and Technique
Listen Up! Your entire journey to success or should I say "98%" of your journey to success starts with your Attitude or your "belief system". Do you believe that it's possible for you to be successful? Having a positive mental attitude about yourself, life and your new business is mandatory for your success. You must believe when no-one else believes, you must believe even when there's no income coming in; and you must believe when everyone else stops believing in you. You must NEVER give up and you must be willing to learn the necessary techniques or skills needed in order to grow with your business. Network Marketing is not a "Get Rich Quick" business; however, you can get rich quick. I'm not sure that I know anyone who wants to get rich slow? Lol. All jokes aside, your entire battle in Network Marketing will be YOUR ATTITUDE! When you have mastered this Step, then you're half way to success!

Step 3 - Make a Commitment for 18 Months

How long does it take to receive an Associates Degree? If you answered, "2-years" then you're correct! If it takes 2 years of classes and studying to learn the required skills that allow you to earn an Associates Degree; doesn't it just make sense that it will take you the same amount of time or less to learn the required skills to help you run a successful business?

Make a commitment to learn techniques that will help develop your skills while working your business. You will earn income during this process, so keep your day job. However, you must not be fooled into believing that you can go from A to Z without any real effort! The reality is that 97% of the people in Network Marketing do not have the skills required to take their business to the next level. This is why so many Leaders in the Industry preach the importance of having a mentor and a coach. Someone who has already been where you're trying to go! Someone who has the evidence and proof of success. The length of anyone's process is different and is according to his/her experience and belief system. Whatever your case may be, you must be willing to commit yourself to working your business and developing your skills for at least 18 months.

Step 4 - Sell Yourself - Then Your Product - Now Show The Plan

Networking Marketing is a "Relationship Building" business. You must develop or establish a relationship with your prospects before they consider sampling or purchasing your product. When you meet a new person, get to know them first by finding out who they are and what they like. Only speak about yourself briefly and never at extended lengths. Why? Because people generally like to talk about themselves. So let them. Once you've established a relationship, you may lead your business by using your product. What does that mean? Leading your business by using your product simply means that you don't discuss the opportunity side of your business with your prospect; you simply share your product with him or her.  After your product has been sampled and in most cases, they will ask you about your business, if you've lead with your product the correct way.  Now, is your opportunity to show the marketing plan of your business.

Khadijah Adams is an International Coffee Distributor with OrGano Gold International. She has helped 2 of her business partners reach the Ruby Pen Levels and 6 reach the Sapphire Pen Levels on her team.  Mrs. Adams is currently building teams in the U.S. and in 6 of the 32 countries that OrGano Gold is currently doing business. Mrs. Adams has formed "Women Creating Change for Other Women" movement that is designed to help 1,000 families reach a six-figure income in 2014! For information on how you can join Mrs. Adams in this movement, inbox her on Facebook

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