Business Co-ops, Have you heard of them and if so would you join one?

I'm interested to know if any members have heard of a business co-op and if so have you heard of one geared to african-american women. No not a networking site, but a business co-op where there is a monthly membership fee but you have access to hands-on consultants, tools, workshops and more to help you create and grow your business.


If one was made available to you would you join?

What features or benefits would you want it to offer?

Do you know of any groups like this?

How much would you pay for membership? $0, $25, $50, $75, $100 per month?


Thanks SO much!


Katrina M Harrell

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I have not heard of this, but I would join if it was available to me. I thnk this will increase oppty for business owners.

Thanks for your continued support!

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Thanks for your friend request! and comments. I know the idea of business co-ops are not common but I think it's a great way for like-minded individuals to pool resources together to achieve success.
Yeah I will definitely do it.
That's great to know I would too with out delay!
I have heard of them in ATL but not here where I am in AZ. I wish we had some here it would be so helpful
i have heard of co-ops that pool together for marketing. like a whole page is brought for an ad and everyones ad is on there. What would setting something like what you are inquiring about entail? I would pay for it but prefer it to be free. however money is needed if only to keep a site operating. A nominal fee would be fine as most women interested would be operating start-ups and funds sometimes are not readily available. $50-100/month is a lot of money and there would have to be some gurantees to success of every business involved.
Yes, I am familiar with co-ops.

Yes, I would join if one was made available.

The main benefit would be equal time and effort given by all members.

I would pay no more than $25/mo.
Thanks to ALL the replies! Many business co-ops are geared to PR and marketing opportunities which is great but still doesn't get to the heart of the needs of women seeking to get into business.

Thanks for your answers!

Aside from PR and Marketing, what ELSE would you like to see a business Co-op offer?

FREE-what do you expect to get FREE
$25 per month-what would you expect?

We are changing the way women network and socialize and build business!

Hi Katrina,

This sounds very interesting. I never heard of it before. I would be interested.


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