Are you interested in beefing up your resume as an expert, contributing your valuable knowledge, or providing direction and advice for a company with a great mission? We're calling for advisory group members willing to serve on a quarterly or ongoing basis, as an unpaid, but certainly titled position.


About the Company:

Bear Fruit Hair ( is a company that reaches a global market of consumers primarily through evangelism, education, and empowerment, by means of providing a quality product. We create products that focus on moisture and the health of hair and skin, and are the only company that allows customers to create their own products at the ingredient level.


Advisory Group Purpose

  • To advise, provide direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of BFH in support of the company’s mission and development needs. 

Member Qualifications

  • Current or previous business owner, mid- to high-level executive, reputable expert or have solid knowledge in your field.
  • Interest in the product and/or goals.

Member Responsibilities

  • Provide experience, strategic advice, research, and ideas.
  • Willingness to take on at least one project per quarter pertaining to your expertise or general skills, including social campaign marketing.
  • Act as a bridge to useful contacts (customers, partners, investors, employees/volunteers, etc.).
  • Promote the company and its mission where appropriate.

We're looking to form mutually beneficial relationships with our advisory members. If interested in becoming part of the group, please contact Marissa at

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