Hello Everyone,
I love templates and switch them up as often as I can afford or when the next cute one comes out. If you know how to design website templates, then think about doing ShoppePro ones. I and a few of my friends have stores hosted by ShoppePro and use the template designers they offer.

Here are the sites. Can you do it better?

Now here's the link for ShoppePro to see all the code stuff. There's even a diagram that I have no idea what's going on in it. And of all these designers are any of the BBWO members on there?  I've been through them all and I don't think so.

Now, Bits Baubels & Buttons told me about Polka Dot Dandy. Then, I told VCreations. Now, I'm helping JoyPhase & recommending my new people who did the latest template. At some time BBB did Bundt Blessing Cakes using Photoshop. JoyPhase is currently looking for a new template, the one she has now is a freebie. She likes purple!

The last one is mine, I paid around $39.99 for my template. They charge $12-25 for add-ons like little link button, color change, font change, banners, and business card templates. So, I'm missing my cute little Twitter, FB, blog buttons.  My PayPal button comes up as a broken pic.  I have a limited edition template so that one sells that one about 15 times at $40+ if you get the add-ons.

If I knew how to do it, I would. Matter of fact how would I go about learning how to do that?

Basically, you have four sites that are doing pretty good and one just opened last week. You could have your link right at the bottom.  

Thanks for you time & if you think you can do it, let me know!
Carmen of Tomoka's Twists

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I definitely can tell you no that I cannot do it! That is why I paid Lashanda to create mine.
Hey Penny, I knew LaShanda did banners but not sites. She's an every woman! I stopped by yours and it's so fancy!
Carmen, thanks for the compliment. Lashanda did not create my website but did an awesome job on my banner. Websites are a work in progress all the time.

When I started I had no idea what it would take to really to run an online business. I have learned a great deal and had to adjust my mental to do what it takes.
Wow, that just goes to show you how a well done banner can really help to create the site's image. Your site looks really nice. I like it. I don't know who did the rest of your site, but I think the banner brings it all together. I hope mine will look just a polished when all is complete.
I agree with Tieast, Penny everything blends nicely. It's very professional and clean.
Glad you like the header Penny.. I will send you a message about advertising asap. It's been a busy week! TYL -lh
Hi Carmen,

I just signed up with Shoppe Pro myself and am attempting to use the DIY templates. I'm getting Photoshop upgraded on my system now, but I'm not a pro at using it, but I did see a video Youtube on how you can cute and past to make such things as banners and change backgrounds. Again, I'm attempting to do this myself, so far, I was able to change the background of the template to my liking, now I'm working on the banner, which is where Photoshop will come in.

If I find that I can't do it, I will ask LaShanda to create a banner for me. I see that she offer a great package and does a great job.

If I can be of assistance, let me know.
Hello Tieast,
I like to DIY but I currently don't have Photoshop. Please share once you're ready to launch it!
Hello ladies,
I own a web deisgn studio-Diva Designz Web Design Studio. We create website templates, logos, banners and basically all types of marketing material. You can view our portfolio at I wasn't sure if you were looking for a new template or just needed some help modifying your existing template. If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email.

Diva Designz-A Modern & Trendy Web Design Studio
Hi Carmen,

As much as I like DIY projects, this may be one I will have to enlist help with myself. Photoshop does not seem hard to use, but I see it will take some time to get the hang of. The tutorials that I found on Youtube are helpful, but you need to take the time to watch a few and practice them, and right now, I just don't have that time, plus trying to prepare products, promote and do everything else that I will need to do for the site to get it up is a lot. So I will be reaching out to Lashanda to have her create my site's banner (I already created the background I wanted in Photo Elements) and I will play with Photoshop and hopefully be comfortable enough with it to do future updates and projects on my own. Since the banner is the first thing a person sees when they land on your page, I want that to look it's best so I'll leave that to the professional, LaShanda!
Hi Carmen,

My name is Christin and I am a web & graphic designer. My site is Trendy by Design ( I USED to be listed on the Shoppe Pro design partners page, but I guess that I was taken off because I now offer the same shopping cart system! I had a collection of pre-made templates on my site (from $30 and up), which I took off, due to the fact that customers wanted more custom designs. If you would like templates, let me know! I can certainly make them AND I provide hosting and shopping carts at an affordable price!

~ Christin Johnson
Trendy by Design ~ Modern, Affordable Web & Graphic Design!
Great site and portfolio. I wish I would have saw this before I signed up with elsewhere. I will keep you info at hand for future projects and will also shop it around to anyone I know looking for sites/work to be done.


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