Hello Everyone,
I love templates and switch them up as often as I can afford or when the next cute one comes out. If you know how to design website templates, then think about doing ShoppePro ones. I and a few of my friends have stores hosted by ShoppePro and use the template designers they offer.

Here are the sites. Can you do it better?

Now here's the link for ShoppePro to see all the code stuff. There's even a diagram that I have no idea what's going on in it. And of all these designers are any of the BBWO members on there?  I've been through them all and I don't think so.

Now, Bits Baubels & Buttons told me about Polka Dot Dandy. Then, I told VCreations. Now, I'm helping JoyPhase & recommending my new people who did the latest template. At some time BBB did Bundt Blessing Cakes using Photoshop. JoyPhase is currently looking for a new template, the one she has now is a freebie. She likes purple!

The last one is mine, I paid around $39.99 for my template. They charge $12-25 for add-ons like little link button, color change, font change, banners, and business card templates. So, I'm missing my cute little Twitter, FB, blog buttons.  My PayPal button comes up as a broken pic.  I have a limited edition template so that one sells that one about 15 times at $40+ if you get the add-ons.

If I knew how to do it, I would. Matter of fact how would I go about learning how to do that?

Basically, you have four sites that are doing pretty good and one just opened last week. You could have your link right at the bottom.  

Thanks for you time & if you think you can do it, let me know!
Carmen of Tomoka's Twists

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Thank you for the compliments Tieast. BTW, I design templates only for people as well ~ you do not need to sign up for hosting with me. If you just need a template, let me know. I'm considering re-opening my template site. I had no idea that the members here used shopping carts like Shoppe Pro. I've been designing for such carts for years.

~ Christin
Trendy by Design ~ Modern, Affordable Web & Graphic Design
Where have you been hiding? I knew I'd find somebody who could do Shoppe Pro! I'm so glad I came back and read this. I had given up hope. I sent your info to everyone!

Thank you again,
Hi MiMi,

Thank you very much! Due to the response on this forum and another one that I belong to, I'm going to re-open my pre-made template store. If you and everyone else can tell me what type of designs you like, I can start creating them. Just email me at or post here.

Thanks again!

Christin that is very exciting to see the support from this forum. What other forum do you belong to?
Christin, I know some like purple and want to get away from the foo-foo frilly styles. Clean, simple, and wide format. I will email you!
Hi Carmen,

It's been awhile since you posted this, so I don't know if you're still looking, but I wanted to show off the banner that LaShanda did on my website (and shamelessly plug my site). Check out I think LaShanda has done a great job on the banner and I've gotten a lot of compliments. I used Shoppe Pro's DIY Templates and the banner made a big difference in personalizing the site.
Whatever you have up on, now is adorable.  Did LaShanda do that for you or is it the template you mentioned before?


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