In 1985, Stevie Wonder had a song called, “I Love You Too Much”.  So here’s the question.  Can you Love someone Too Much?  Can you  be so tied into the wants and needs of another, that you lose sight of your own?


We’re not talking about a Mother’s Love for her Child.  That Love is boundless and limitless as ordained by the Creator.  I’m talking about the love one has for their Spouse.  Their Partner.  Their Significant Other.  Their Mate.  Their Lover.  Is it possible that you give so much to someone else that you stop loving yourself?  That other person becomes your Alpha and Omega.  Your reason for rising in the morning.  The person you believe IS YOUR LIFE.


Go to and click on the “Discussion Page” to see a list of questions to ask about whether Can You Love Someone Too Much.

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