Happy Memorial Day Weekend Family,
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It's your friendly neighborhood "Digital Drummer" again (smile)

As a veteran, I encourage each, and every one of you, to take a minute this Memorial Day weekend to recognize, and remember the members of your "OWN" family that have served this great country. Remember Black history is a never-ending celebration of the accomplishments of the well as the past. We the decedents of American slaves must never forget the contributions and struggles of our forefathers.

Due to the mis-education of Blacks in America, many do not know that the first memorial day observance was held by liberated slaves at the historic race track in Charleston NC, in 1865. The race track, which was used as a Confederate prison during the war, was the site of a mass grave for Union soldiers who had died while captive. A parade with thousands of freed blacks and Union soldiers was followed by patriotic singing and a picnic (see

Even though, we find ourselves once again trapped in an unpopular war, and many of us want to reject the current media hype to Support Our Troops; like you can't disagree with the war in Iraq and still support the selfless efforts of
our sons and daughters. I'm asking that you take a moment to remember uncle Jack, grandpa Jett, and our proud forefathers, that did their duty and paid for it with their lives. Gather your family together and ask your elders...What did
they do in the military? You might be surprised by the living history you will learn.

Blacks in America, have been on the front lines of every war, ever fought in this country's name. If you take the time to ask, you will find that someone in your family, died in a foreign land serving his or her country. Personally, I
can trace my family's military history, from the civil war grave sites in Louisiana, to my mother’s favorite cousin, who's name is etched on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. From the Revolutionary War to the deserts of Iraq, Black folk
have sacrificed their lives for this country. Do not hate the player... hate the game (War)!!!

As I wrote in the opening of my historical review of the Black servicemen in the Korean War, "Glory Honor & Lies" (see;

Glory can be found in the eyes of children as they listen to the stories of old men recounting battles of the past. Honor can be found in the recognition of a grateful nation for the extra ordinary sacrifices of every-day men and women to duty and country. Lies can be found in official reports intended to reinforce stereotypes and prejudices that deny the accomplishments of those who have earned Glory and Honor. >>

Share with us your Family Black history this Memorial Day…..Was you father in the war? Is your sister serving now? Let’s honor and celebrate Living Black History this weekend together…smile

Remember, We Must Share The Knowledge (Network)...To Share The Dollars!!!

Peace and Gods Blessings,

Jim Neusom


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