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I'm sure most of us already know the story of how Will and Jada Smith and Mary J. Blige gave the Carol's Daughter brand the push that it needed to catapult from successful local small business to an international household name.


While a celebrity endorsement (and funding, in CD's case) does not guarantee success, it can provide a needed boost.


With that said, do any of you have a list of well-known names that you'd like to have promote your products? Have you carefully considered those people, or is it simply a matter of going with anyone whose attention you're able to grab?


Have you done any research? Have you tried to reach out to anyone already?


If you did get that kind of publicity, do you have the capacity to handle the quick growth spurt?


I stumbled upon this video while doing research for own company, Made in The World - EIRIC.


Please share your experience (if any) with this topic.





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I'm an Independent Consultant for Scentsy Wickless Candles, and I sent Kandi Burruss from the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" a Scentsy warmer with music notes on it. In return she tweeted for her followers on Twitter to check out my website. I didn't get that much business from it, but a lot of page visits. I would like for Wendy Williams to promote my product. She tells it like it is, and from watching her show, I know she loves things that smell good!

Congrats on Kandi tweeting about your biz!  Do you have a mailing list/newsletter set up for when you get future endorsements? For example, have you thought about setting up a giveaway, perhaps a free report in exchange for site visitors joining your mailing list? 


That way, even if they don't purchase anything on their first visit to your site (research shows most don't the first time around, so don't be discouraged!), you'll be able to stay in touch with them via your newsletters, announcements, discounts, etc.  Once they get to know you & feel comfortable, you can turn that into sales!  Good luck.



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