I want to create a forum. I'm trying to decided if I should create a ning site or just download a forum app through a hosting company?

Any advise from the ladies out there:

My main concern is the ability to put ads and ad sponsorships. Is it worth paying ning $30/month for domain forwarding and advertising option or

should I just pay for hosting from hostgator ( which I am already) with the domain name I already have, then edit the html on a forum platform...

ARRGH! what is a girl to do...please help

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Forums are easy to setup but hard to build good discussion on. As far as easy setup, ning is the way to go. I normally suggest getting your ning network to at least 500 members before investing the money in advertising. But I've had a webhosted forum and ning forums and I prefer ning.

LaShanda -
Thank you LaShanda
Hmm...Great question. I have a few questions for you.

Has Ning helped you out in anyway such as connecting with others, promoting your business, and/or sharing information? Who is your target market? I am not familiar with hostgator, but I would like to suggest that you make a list of the pros and cons and look at what is already working for you and want you want to accomplish.

I hope this was helpful.

Lisa Willis
Try to build one that will be of value to your users.
Hi Quanisha,

I let a comment under your profile with 3 possible options. Honestly, you wan to consider how many hours you can devote to administration such as obtain and confirming advertisements, billing and welcoming new members.

Plus, LaShanda has an ebook (I think).

Let me know what you decide.


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