This is a conversation I have wanted to have for quite some time with some intelligent black business women.  How much business do you honestly generate from other black business owners or customers in general?

Everyone is always talking about the importance of networking and connecting but is your networking truly paying off financially?  Social media sites are everywhere and we are being bombarded with messages, products and services.

I raise this question because my income has not and is not generated by blacks.  I have had a few black clients but the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY have been white.

Why is it that?  I have my theory, which I believe are old stereotypes that have manifested themselves year after year after year.

So, let me hear from you.  Let's keep it real so we can all learn and grow. What am I missing in an effort to be of assistance to black women as well as others?



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The majority of my customers are not Black, even though I spend a great deal of time socializing on Black forums.  I chalk that up to the types of services/products that I offer and the demographics they attract.  I don't believe there is enough "Sista-interest" to support my current business, although I am developing some product lines that I think will have more appeal.  We'll have to see what market testing reveals, though.


I do believe my clients for my next two business services will be mainly Black because that's to whom I'll be pitching my services.


What is your theory?


First of all--thanks for taking the time to read my post and offer your comments.  That is sincerely appreciated! 

For what I do, I believe the service is universal.  Unfortunately, I believe social media has blurred the lines of how one can actually go about getting publicity and media exposure through the regular channels.

I think many black business owners don't see the value in having someone train them on how to put together the best strategies to getting visiblity for their business.  They think they can make it just using social media and having strong connections.  And while that does work, you still need a PLAN. 

So many folks are running around calling themselves "social media experts" and telling us we should do this and that and we try to do it without any real focus.

I also think some of us still have the attitude that if it's white--it must be right and more valuable.    


Since i have been in business I can truthfully say, that the majority of my customers are white and those are the ones who don't have a problem with paying and spending money with me, However, i do have some black customers.  I have also came to realize that a lot of blacks will always try to find and cut corners, like asking for a hook up or deep discount.  I refuse to lower my prices because someone else can not or will not choose to see my value.
I'm with you there LaTersa! 
This is a good topic, Beverly!  Personally, I welcome all clients--I never set out to cater to just black businesses (although it is a good niche).  Over the years, I've had black and white clients alike; some turned out to not be a good fit, and others I worked with for years, but it really had nothing to do with race.  I don't really look at myself (or market myself) as strictly a "black business," per se--I'm just a passionate business owner who happens to be a sista! ;)

During a BBWO networking event last Friday evening, one of the attendees (Cynthia White) brought up a really good point.  She said we don't support each other because we, often times, feel threatened by the success of someone else and if we support them, we're helping them grow beyond where we might be.

PETTY?  Yes, but I do believe there is some truth to what she says. 

Ask yourself, when was the last time you purchased ANYTHING from anyone here or has anyone purchased from you? 



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