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Banner advertising is a great way to showcase your website, book, product, or service. Do you need a banner? Graphics Design Services Available by LaShanda Henry.

I specialize in urban graphics design, offering professional, quality
designs at low prices to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and small
business owners.

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Perfect for Ning Network or Blog Headers

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Black Banner Design and Low Cost Advertising

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You can advertise your banner on whatever site you pay for advertising. If you choose GoogleAdwords, then you banners will be displayed on websites that use Google Adsense have have keyword content similar to your banner.

If you pay for advertising on other sites, like BBWO, then you can post your ad their as well.

Some sites offer free advertising, those are genarly directories.


Matta said:
I do have a question in reference to the banner design..Is it possible to advertise on exisitng sites? Or is the advertisement only allocated for each individual site owner's site? What i mean is, could I advertise my banner on say, Google? Or do I have to get permission from the specific site that I want to advertise on? Please advise, thanks!
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New Banner Design

Dr. T Ford, Author
I like this style for myself as an Author and Speaker.
New Design

New Banner Design

New Banner Design

New Banners

Yes, I am interested in getting a banner. Please let me know the next step involved.


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