Hello Sistas,


Many of us here are either entrepreneurs, direct sales reps or owners of several ventures.  When I launched out into the deep and started my first company, it was a daunting process but I managed.  Subsequent to that, I joined a wonderful holistic direct sales company and began learning from women who were there to teach as well as to pour into me the successes they'd experienced.


I've since written a wonderful e-book titled, Direct Sales for the Single Mom.  It is a wonderful read if I do say so myself.  You may purchase and download a copy immediately by clicking this link  Should you have team members who are single moms, this book is an excellent resource to assist them with time management, belief, action and there are worksheets to help them to connect to their purpose.


I look forward to hearing feedback from many of you on this site as it has been most helpful to me and my business associates.


With your success in mind,


Chiezda Washington

Certified Holistic Life Coach

Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company



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