This money survey will let you know what your money personality is and is it having a negative effect on your financial future. This survey was taken from the

What Is Your Money Personality?
Take this short quiz from Money Coach
Lynnette Khalfani and find out now …
1. If my car breaks down, the roof leaks, or some emergency happens, then:
a. I don’t think it would be a problem, because I try to put aside money for
b. I would be financially stressed – yet again. My money is so tight that even
though I want to put aside a little extra savings, so far I haven’t been able
to do so.
c. I’d use the savings from my emergency fund that I’ve built up over time.
Hopefully, it would be enough to cover any situation.
d. I would just use my credit cards to pay for it, and figure out how to pay
them off later.
e. I probably wouldn’t panic since I tend to budget for those kinds of things.
f. I would be in a financial bind. But I think things would eventually work
out somehow.
2. Right now, my retirement savings account:
a. Is growing slowly but surely.
b. What retirement savings account? I can barely pay the bills I have today.
c. Is fairly well funded. But I still worry about outliving my money.
d. Is next to nothing. I’ve only put aside a little bit for retirement, or I’ve had
to borrow from my retirement account to make ends meet.
e. Is right about where it should be. I’m on target to reach my retirement
savings goals.
f. Isn’t on my mind right now. Since retirement is in the future, I figure: why
worry about that today?
3. If somebody gave me $25,000 unexpectedly, my first thought would be:
a. “Great. I’ll be able to add a chunk of this money to my savings account.”
b. “Now I can buy something I’ve wanted to get for myself, a family member
or friend.”
c. “I’ll put this money away for a rainy day. I might need it in the future.”
d. “Yes!!!!!!!! Now who can I get to hit the mall with me?”
e. “How can I invest this money wisely?”
f. “What charities can I donate this to in order to change the world?”
4. When it comes to credit card bills:
a. I almost always pay off the entire balance due each month.
b. I often pay the minimum payment or have missed a payment recently.
c. I have little or no debt because I rarely use credit.
d. The collections guy from Visa and I are on a first-name basis.
e. I only have one or two cards that I use only on an emergency basis.
f. I probably have more debt than I should, but I don’t let it stress me.
5. I would describe my financial records as:
a. Organized. I regularly balance my checkbook.
b. Slightly disorganized. I really don’t keep close tabs on my financial
c. Orderly. I keep detailed files and organized paperwork.
d. Chaotic. My financial records are a mess; besides, I hate keeping receipts.
e. Precise. I use a computer spreadsheet to track all my finances.
f. A work in progress. I organize them “here and there” when I have time.
Now review your answers to see the letters you checked most: As, Bs, Cs, Ds, Es, or Fs?
Write the primary letter here: .
NOTE: You may be a “hybrid,” with leanings toward more than one type of personality.
But for the most part, you probably have certain dominant traits when it comes to your
money personality. See the next page for a description of these money personality types:
* Saver * Spender * Stasher * Splurger * Goal-Setter * Dreamer
Copyright Lynnette Khalfani
Your Money Personality Type – Revealed!
Mostly As: Saver – You are a saver if you regularly set aside money, and make a point to
build a cash cushion for a rainy day.
Mostly Bs: Spender – You are a spender if you pretty much spend everything you earn
(and possibly more you earn); are living paycheck to paycheck; or often buys frivolous or
luxury items that you can’t afford.
Mostly Cs: Stasher – You are a stasher if you are an extreme form of a saver; you worry
excessively (or unnecessarily) about having money in the future, so you hoard it now,
often to the point where you do not enjoy your money, or the things money can buy.
Mostly Ds: Splurger – You are a splurger if you are an extreme version of a spender;
you may or may not spend everything you make, but you frequently succumb to impulse
purchases, buy large-ticket items, or buy spontaneously (and often later regret it).
Mostly Es: Goal-Setter – You are a goal-setter if you only like to spend your money on
items or activities that are budgeted, carefully calculated, and/or planned in advance.
Mostly Fs: Dreamer – You are a dreamer if you have a lot of big dreams for material
success, but no practical financial plans about how to reach your goals.
Copyright 2004 Lynnette Khalfani

If you enjoyed this survey stayed tune more financial information and quizzes to come.

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What an interesting test. Did you develop this yourself? I must say that it was absolutely true of me.
No I am just really interested in personal finance. I must give the credit to Lynnette Khalfani aka the money coach. I found the survey to be true about my money personality and wanted to see other people response to the survey. Please stay tuned as I will be providing more fun surveys and information about personal finance. I have started a blog whichyou should check out
Great survey and I must say very close to how I view money. It make's me really think. Thanks for posting.
Wonderful Post Sheena! I love that you are getting out and showcasing your expertise! Keep it coming.

This is some very revealing information Sheena! I am so glad you decided to share it.
Another great resource. Thanks for posting.

I can tell we have a lot of the same interest. We should be friends.


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