Do you own a business/ office? Well take your business up a notch and offer your clientele some refreshments while they wait. Hair salons
and stylists, Why just settle for the same ol’ thing. Bring in more
by having light refreshments and beverages while your clients wait or
get their
do done. Its so easy to just do hair and send a customer on their way
isn’t it?
But if you want them to return you need to hire someone to deliver a
specially made to your needs and wants, to your establishment.


For breakfast you can order a platter complete with 3 bagels, 3 Danish, 3 doughnuts, 4 toast, 3 croissants, fruit, and yogurt, condiments

Breakfast platter #2… French toast,
pancakes, toast, eggs (2ways), hash browns, bacon (turkey avail.),
sausage, condiments

For lunch you can order a meat platter complete with 4 meats, 3 cheeses, 2 breads, rolls or wraps, condiments, and fixings.

Another lunch idea… Mini hot dogs on a
stick, Buffalo wings, meat balls, special mozzarella sticks, and a
between two more finger foods.

Veggie platters also available…

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