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I recently reached out to my online tribe to find out what sorts of emotional strains come with our focus on money as entrepreneurs.  I got so many emails (and a few blog comments) about the ways in which this topic resonated with women like you and me.

I want to know your thoughts. 

Here's the post link:

Here's the follow-up post:

What do you do to shift your focus from money to purpose and wellness?  Or, do you think money should in fact be the focus?  I'm completely intrigued by this topic, and I look forward to your insights.


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Hi Akilah! I know I"m late responding, but I just joined this site. What do I do to focus on purpose and not just money? Well...I just remember that everyone I love to listen to (like established and successful authors, entrepreneurs) all say that they didn't just fall into their success overnight. Then I remember that yes, it is important to do things that will generate revenue, but it's more important to focus on friends and family and chasing after God and my purpose, and staying physically fit. Then when I do that, I get more creative ideas about what to do next. Thanks for this post. 


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