Do You Think Free Stuff is Always Good For Your Business?

Do You Think Free Stuff For Your Business Is Good!

Do you think receiving free stuff is good for your business?  Well, I want to share with you a few tips on why getting things free may not always be best for you.  When I first started my business, I need a good website. I went with Vistaprint because it was very cheap and I needed a website to show case my diaper cakes.  Well, little did I know, you don't have any rights to your website, and you have to do a lot of coding and sale listing manually.  When It came time for me to check google analytics on my site, they told me I didn't have any rights. I mean don't get me wrong, at the early stages of your business, it could serve its purpose, but eventually, as your business starts to grows, you will have to purchase a website through some other company.  But on the other side of this, Vistaprint is a great company for get printing materials, such as business cards, flyers, banners, and etc.  I have been getting my marketing material from them for years! By December, 2010, I had my an Aha moment, and I then realized that something had to give. Either I was going to keep getting frustrated with the limitations that I had with my current website, or I was going to get another website designer and hosting company. 
2) Article writing:  What do I mean by this, if you are in business, sometimes, you might need someone to edit your work and check for grammatical errors.  Well, this one I had to learn the hard way, allowing others to proofread your work for free can sometimes be a headache.  Remember, when someone is doing something for free, they can take their sweet time.  See, from their stand point, they are doing you a favor!  I would recommend that you invest in yourself and your business. Pay a professional to edit your work for you and Jamie at Mocha Writer has excellent services and very affordable prices.  Even if you have to go without a manicure for a couple of times, in the end, you will be glad you did.  Now, when it comes to a great and affordable website, I would recommend LaTreeka Williams at Diva-Designz
I hope this helps you when you are deciding on going with a priced option versus a free option.  Best wishes to you and your business and you have a million dollar day!
Warm Regards,

LaTersa Blakely

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Thanks for sharing your personal insight LaTersa. I added your discussion to our Small Business Talk featured discussions area. I agree, we have to be SMART about the free things because sometimes even the free stuff can cost you. -lh

I know that everyone like free and I found out that people are willing to buy if they do get something free. I have an online bath and body products as well as a first time author. I give free bath products with a purchase of my book. "Sinful Traits"

This way they can sample my bath products and they do come back for more.



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great information you guys!

I totally agree, LaTersa. We may have to sacrifice some other things, but the money spent on our businesses will be well worth it in the end.


P.S.- Thanks for the shoutout : )

Jamie, I had to learn it the hard way; see how professionally and timely you finished editing my e-book.  I had a friend of mine who was "supposedly" be proofreading my e-book since January and I still to this day had not heard from her; Sad ha, oh, but I'll be back for my second e-book proofread and your suggestions. Now this one will be for sale.


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