I thought it would be GREAT For US Ladies to add
our words of Wisdom here.

I believe there is always someone out there needing
a "Word of Wisdom" from those who have been there

I did some research on Losing the Ego for the past
3 Years...

Losing the Ego Is
***Not trying to be Perfect
***Not being Afraid to be Wrong or make Mistakes
***Being Open to Correction

You are welcome to add to the LIST of
Garbage that Holds Many back
or at ONE time actually held you back

Once I started to not limit myself to these false beliefs
"Looking & appearing" Like I Got IT ALL 2gether

Instead, I made mistakes, lost the need to BE RIGHT
& Perfect plus located that most people are just
looking for someone who is Real OR being there
"Authentic Self" in Business & Relationships

I Located My Best Possible Self & Found

Please share any experience you had
or discovered once you discovered or just
demonstrated your "Authentic Self"

Take Care Divas
Lenai Stewart

Until then Know

"Within Every Untruth Lies

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