There comes a time in every woman's life when we must adjust our wardrobe to our present bodies...We change staying fit, and in shape are best of attributes but sometimes life's challenges, motherhood, sickness and even stress cause our bodies to change.  This is when we can take action and try on our clothing with additional undergarments and foundations that will accentuate our God-given curves.

You can let that favorite dress that you used to STOP traffic in go... Its really OK you have the memory and NO-one can take that. Look for clothing that enhances your shape and body structure, look for boldness in your accessories and bags and shoes..

Identify your body shape and what clothing looks good on that type..For example if your shoulders are broad stay away from clothing that focuses on that area, If your middle has grown take the focus off of that area.. with longer flowing tops that will not hug your middle.Find your style.. If you are not sure there tools to help you. I have included one.

Pay attention to your make-up custom blend brands and some mineral cosmetics remove lines of demarcation in other words the Mask putting on your face my Mama called it.  Today we have options choices, Take them.

Todays` woman is Vibrant with Life, full of faith and favor, masterful and focused and ain't scared to be Fine!!!


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