Its it a good idea to envolve friends to help you establish a successful business if they lack motivation?

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To be honest, in my opinion...if they are already unmotivated why would they suddenly become motivated for you? Of course they may be excited for you and what you are doing. The key phrase there is 'for you', I wouldn't count on anyone, friend or no friend, who doesn't share my same level (or more) of motivation. Avoid disappointment and potential conflicts...keep them as a friend.

Thanks your for your response.. and I do agree. 

Your welcome!

Nice Tamyka!

i say know <> i agree with tamyka 100%, good luck<> #BBWO

Thank You!

I also agree with Tamyka....all of your friends are not meant to become your business partners. You may have a great friendship but a business relationship is an entirely different type of friendship.


in my opinion, if your friend is already not onboard with your business from the start.  you would really be setting yourself up to fail.  when you 're starting a business=, you should only bring aboard someone who is positive, self motivated and ready and willing to support you at 100%.  When you're starting a business, sometimes the ones closes to you will  doubt you, become very negative because they can't see your dreams come to past, but block that thought out of your mind, and stay focused. surround yourself with people who are business minded and positive.  

It will serve you a world of good in the long run.  separate business from personal.

Say it again LaTersa!

What Tamyka asked is very key - what is their why to even assist you in the first place? Many times the "unmotivated friends" tend to see a spark in you and they want a little bit of it, hoping it will spark them into something for themselves.  But if you have momentum and you're "red' ta go" as we used to say, you don't have time to be weighed down.

It can be a delicate situation, though, to turn the friend down if they're offering help.  So consider the manner in which you turn them away or give them something to do that won't engage too much of your time to monitor. Protect the friendship by setting healthy boundaries where you need to. Good luck!


I so appreciate Tanya's gentle approach. Often we can make decisions that does not serve the true purpose of our business. There might be a time and a place to have our friends as "cheer leaders" but not necessarily business partners.

Best of luck in all you do.

Pauline Haynes

Very good input Tanya.


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