Are you using free Squidoo lens to promote your website and/or products? Here's a great Squidoo Challenge to build a lens a week for 1 year. That's 52 high quality Amazon product lenses to be exact. I have 5 done already. They've only made $20 so far. But I had no idea what I was doing either. But I'm gonna stick with it. I think it's highly possible to create lenses that make $10 a day. Now imagine if you had 10 of them. That's a residual income of $3000 a month!

Anywho, if you're interested check out the details here:
52 Week Squidoo Challenge Video
Questions and Answers Video
Discussion re: 52 Week Challenge

There are other challenges in the Squidoo forum too. You can tell I like them because it forces me to DO SOMETHING, provides accountability and a little motivation. all of the things I need to light a fire under my behind this year.

BTW, I'm not affiliated with with this challenge except as a participant.

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