I've just come across this not so new technique that's getting quite a buzz in both the technical & entrepreural world. Quick Response Codes or QR Codes for short is a fast growing marketing/advertising tool to reckon with know it or not! No matter what industry you specialize in this is definitely something to look into. Many smartphones (Blackberry Android & iPhone) offer apps to generate or/and read qr codes most for free though a few do charge a small fee. Google has a popular site to create them and there a quite a bit of other companies offering this service as well.

URL, text, sms are some of the methods to go about getting your product/service out to the masses through qr coding. Once you create the bar code and say link to BBWO when people scan the code they will be swept to your website or commence the treasure hunt.... You can utilize it as you see fit to better your business through a variety of ways. Another good feature is that it can be tracked whether its daily, weekly or monthly traffic you want to know the analytics will be tallied up for you.

I don't know about you all but I love a good mystery and am quite stoked about this fun and profitable marketing tool. The creative juices are truly flowing family. Give it a look-up and if you decide to try it on for size do keep me posted.

Caio bella

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I started using them a couple years ago. I have 3 or 4 in my Android phone (biz, personal, etc.).  I just let folks scan them and viola!!  Love them!  Recently someone with an Android tablet pulled his up on a screen and I scanned it perfectly. I'm sure iphone/ipad users can have the same fun...happy coding everyone!
While I have not used them, I see they are becoming increasingly popular. Also click here to review what people are saying about this discussion via our Facebook page. About 4 comments posted there when I last checked.
Was just in the android market and found an app that reads & generates qr codes. I'm quite anxious to try it out. Looks like this has been brewing for quite some time from the response people have been utilizing qr codes for years. Of course many products take a while to gain high volumes of popularity this being amongst them I sappose. However not a moment too soon. Thank you all for sharing your qr code experiences. :-)
I have the a QR code for my websites.  I have added it to my business card.  This way people can just scan the card and get directly to my site.
I'm still rather new to this android and other technology. I'm rather a simple girl and I've been hearing a lot about sms codes to send via your phone. Can someone tell me how does this work in elementary terms.


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