Have you ever seen someone so carefree and confident when speaking? They are in front of the room, talking on the phone, explaining the benefits of a product and they sound like natural! They sound so confident and well put together? Do you ever wonder...MAN! I wish I could sound like that! I wish I could close deals like that! I wish..I wish I wish...I wasn't so scared!


Have you ever considered that the same person you are admiring has done it afraid..time and time again until they can now laugh all the way through, and be casual, witty and confident all in one breathe!


You can not avoid the can not hide behind must PICK up the phone, STAND up in front of your peers, OPEN your mouth and go through a learning curve in order to get it right but if you fear being fearful you will always be too scared to laugh at yourself :)



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This is wonderfully well written and so true. I love it!
Learning from you sis :)

Very powerful point. We all have had fears in our lives before and the only way to get

over those fears is to face it head on. It will allow you to build confidence.






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