Hello ladies my name is Whitney Alane Bell I am 23 and a proud mother, wife, businesswoman in Jacksonville, Florida. I am the owner of AlanePR & Associates, a company that offers advertising, marketing, promoting, and event coordinating services to business and individuals. I have only been in business for two months now and already completed services for 3 clients and one I am working on right now. I have been doing Public Relation work since high school and just now decided that was my specialty job and I have been loving every moment since I started. I have been married for four years to a wonderful man and we have  two children a son who is 4 years old and a daughter who just turned 1 years old. The best part of this business is that  I work full time from home with my daughter in my arms (Literally I have to hold her and work at the same time and take her to my meetings). It is tough but no one can ever say it cannot be done and say that because you have children you cannot make your dreams come true. I joined this group for advice and to give insight as much as I can.  I am here with open ears to take in all wisdom from everyone. If anyone needs any Public Relations work go to my website:http:// for more information.

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Hi Alane! Great to have you on the BBWO Network. Feel free to post questions, ask questions, and share your skills with the BBWO Community. -lh


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