Does anyone else subscribe to HARO? What has been your experience? Have you ever gotten in touch with a reporter to help her out? Did that PR help your business out? I was on it for a while but didn't really use it. I wasn't taking the time to read the queries and respond to them. I'm trying to make it a point to do so now and wanted to hear from others if it was worthwhile.


For those who don't know HARO, it's essentially a listing that you can subscribe to that highlights requests for sources in specific areas (e.g., business, travel, etc...). If you're an expert at a particular topic, you simply respond directly to the reporter making the query.


This blog provides tips for maximizing HARO.



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I subscribe to HARO and I love the service. It enhances all public relations efforts and streamlines the process. I have been featured, however the website who featured my company went under. I wrote about it on my blog, topic got featured and the article is gone. One challenge with HARO is there is no tracking system on their end. They do not know if you have been published or if your story has been picked up. They are truly a news interest/tips service that is powered by Vocus. They have a great get your product in a gift/goody bag section and this is awesome, I have seen some pretty prominent awards shows and events needing stuffers.


My name is Amanda Hollowell, I own an Event Planning and Public Relations Company out of Savannah, GA. You can follow me on twitter @mandarellla, I have a blog called The Amanda Series -, my company's website is I love networking and connecting, so please search me out. Have a good one.


Amanda Hollowell


Amanda, thank you for sharing. I'm sorry to hear the company went bust before you could be featured. Great site, by the way.


You're right that they don't have a formalized tracking system. They usually query folks on their Twitter and FB feeds.


I'm not familiar with the gift/goody bag section. Is this a separate email, or bundled in with the ones that they send daily? Does it happen at a particular time of the year? I would love to participate, if possible.





You have to select it on the industry or catagories that you want emails about. It is kind of sporadic, on average two times a week. It is its own email.


Thank you for the kuddos on my site. I like yours as well.



Working on the Blog! Kudos to you.

HARO is a great resource. One of my social media partners, Richelle Shaw loves it and highly recommended it to our coaching clients - some of which signed up and got interviews. Reporters need responses fast so you definitely have to respond in a timely manner. I am always late so I personally missed out on a few things.


Also note that interviews aren't just good from a one time traffic spike! As you can seen via bbwo or even on my blog I use my interviews and magazine quotes for Essence and Black Enterprise often to show that I've been recognized in established, trusted media outlets and that helps to boost my crediblity.


A BIG part of building your brand online is being connected to BIGGER brands that your target audience knows and trusts so again interviews have two benefits - Traffic  and Credibility/Brand Building. ...


Hmmm... I just might add this quick tip to! Thanks for posting. FYI I mentioned HARO as a great resource in my How To find Customers Online - 7 Day ecourse which is available in the new "Super Sized" Black Business Starter Kit.

And I followed your how to find customers online to a science.  Everything you told me to do , I did it and then some. You are awesome Lashanda.  I wish you continued success with everything. BTW, i love haro, i get emails everyday on different topics.
yes, i subscribed to it and I think it's a great way to show your expertise. I have written several articles in response to my niche or industry.  I think you should give it a try. Let me know if you have anymore questions.


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