Ok I have a website, facebook, and twitter, what I am having trouble is getting people to come back and read more. Since my business is handmade jewelry what do I tweet about that won't bore my followers? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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I found that with twitter, you should try to follow people that do something similar to you or might want your product/services. Chatting and retweeting others had been very good for me. Don't focus on the number of followers/following. Spam bots have been out of control lately. As far as your website and facebook, promoting and commenting on other people sites can help.


What are you links by the way?
You welcome.

Hi Carla!  I am in a similar situation.  What I do is very technical.  I am a software developer and my expertise is in conversion optimization, customer relationship management and web development.  You are probably bored already :-).  What I've done is found related topics that are of interest to my niche to talk about.  For example, people would much rather hear how I can drive more targeted traffic to their website so they can get more leads and sales.  I also produce content on creating engaging and effective websites so that your visitors will want to stick around.


For you, perhaps talk about fashion in general.  Maybe, how to pick the right accessories to go with your outfit.

Thank you for your reply it's great and no I wasn't bored at all I needed to hear that. Have a blessed day!



I would suggest you to blog about your business.  Keep tweeting your post, and start following some of the other people in your same niche, and see who they are following.  You can tweet about what you are currently working on, or you can do a google search and talk about what the celebrities are wearing, but let them know that you have something similar but for a fraction of the cost.  also, you can start to build your list by doing various newsletter campaigns.  Hopefully this will help you on your way to the top.
~Thank you so much that was very helpful~
you are very welcome.  Cheers to your success.

Hi Carla!


Also if you have a website, check your website stats to see what Google search keyword(s) are bringing visitors to your site.  This can give you insight into what people are looking for and can be used as a basis for your tweets and posts on social networks.

thank you i really appreciate the advice.

Hi Carla! Great question...


Fashion is fun! Need inspiration ... open Essence, look in vogue, read clutch magazine (online). Look at what celebs are wearing ... state your POV on what's hot and what's trendy. Look at ... get into the beauty blogger circle ... there are so many things you can highlight in beauty and fashion and relate to your jewelry ... you have to find inspiration, look at what others are doing and get creative.


I want you to google jewelry blogs and see if anything sparks your imagination. Also I recommend you download one of the following my audio series - How to Build Your Social Traffic on Sites like Facebook and Twitter and/or my audio on Increasing Your Visibility and Sales Online.


All the best. LaShanda -


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OMG!! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. I just wanna say you really inspire me to be the best that I can be! Again, thank you!




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