Hi all:

I was just wondering how many of you began in business. Did you start out with an idea, then become a formal business structure such as an LLC, LLP or C Corporation? Do you have business insurance? Do you have business credit?

Let's get a discussion going - perhaps we can help each other out?

I started out with an idea for bath and body products, became an LLC, got insurance, got a EIN and a business checking account (with my ein).

What are some of you others doing?

Cee Cee

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How do you establish a corp with credit. My personal credit is very poor after divorce.
Hello everyone, I started my business as a volunteer initiative- a fund raiser actually. I made handmade greeting cards to raise money for a small school I support in Minneapolis, MN. It went over so well that I continued and began growing a customer base. When I knew my HR job was going to be eliminated I decided to take my severance money and invest in myself. I incorporate an online tool (SendOutCards) to help expand and market my business. And within the last six months, I've incorporated the SendOutCards system into a product I promote/sell to small business owners. Its worked out well because I now have two things I'm passionate about and can speak to the success it has given me. I'm currently running it as a sole proprietor, but will eventually switch over to LLC. I highly recommend using Quickbooks, they have a great starter version online and determine your social media strategy early on to begin building your community/connections. Also check out the Meet Up groups in your city, I've learned so much from others in the last year.... there are so many talented people doing great things- even in this economy. Best of luck and keep the discussion going. Stay blessed

'Building customer appreciation and loyalty one card at a time'
I incorpororated my business as an LLC. At first it was a sole proprietor but I knew that I needed liability.
A few years ago I left my job at a university to work from home as a freelance writer, translator and editor. I'm registered as sole proprietor (not sure of the translation). During the process of writing my first book, I decided to self-publish so I established myself as an independent publisher. I'm now considering branching off in that direction but I'm not really sure how to get that going. Any ideas?


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