I am in the process of getting my Graphic T-Shirt Design (True Color Teez) company started.

I have my plan all set out but I need the money to purchase expensive design programs and money to host my website. I do all the web design myself. Can anyone help me ?

I've tried searching for grants and asking my family, but ..... they have no money.


P.S. - Im 15 & a junior in high school...



I'm sorry... I didn't mean to confuse anyone. But here's my plan:
-i start up my own website (which i've owned 2 before making myspace layouts) i create them on my own !
-i offer STRICTLY custom designs for shirts (dance teams, bands, parties & events) This is what I'd be getting paid for...
-i create the image and take it to a partner my mom knows who owns his own T-Shirt PRINTING company
-i pay him maybe $2-$3 dollars for every shirt he prints for me... depending on the colors.
*** i don't want my own Brand ! Basically all I need is my own laptop and Adobe programs to create the image. Thats about it. This is what I need money for... and that'll be my business.

Is there anything wrong with my plan or something I can improve on ??? This is just what I have in mind.

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Congrats on wanting to start your own biz and at your age even better.

Here are my thoughts on how you can get started in no time at all:

1.) Use a site like or to create your website for FREE- better yet, Google "Free Online Websites" and see what you come up with - there are a lot. Hosting is free as well, in most cases. Use these FREE websites until you have enough capital to purchase your own domain name and pay for monthly or yearly hosting.

2.) Go on Ebay/Craigslist/Amazon or a store that sells used software - and search for an older version of Adobe programs like Creative Suite 2 (CS2) or CS3. Make sure the seller has all the key codes you need to activate your programs. Again, once you have capital reinvest it in your new software CS4. Also check out vids on for tutorials on using the Adobe programs – again, it’s FREE.

3.) You can sell your t-shirt designs on places like or enter contests to hone your skills, again use Google search "design contests" and you'll find plenty of sites- also a great way to make money.

4.) If your mother's t-shirt connection doesn't work out, you can always use a service like to have your t-shirts printed. You supply the design, get paid and direct your customer to or a site like it, they pay to have the t-shirt printed and shipped to them – done and done!

5.) Now, how do you get money? You could have a garage sale, you could sell something you have on Ebay or Craigslist. Do you have an item that one of your friends would LOVE to have, sell it to them! Can you do extra chores around your house or your neighbors’ house – tell them you’re starting a biz and work for them to get the money you need.

If you're serious about starting your biz, I know these tips will help you, because I implemented some of them when I started my business and I didn't want to spend money and they worked and well, I might add.

Best of luck - I know you can do it and I can't wait to see some of your designs!

Bianca King
Seven5 Seven3 Marketing Group
Thanks soo much ! These tips and web links are great... for now, i've download InkScape and its VERY similar to Adobe... i'm workin on uploadin my portfolio right now. So, you can check out my work soon.
You're very welcome. is an awsome place to display your portfolio and it's FREE!

Feel free to contact me if you need any additional guidance. I alway offer free advice and tips.
WOW! That's remarkable..I'm also a young entrepreneur at 21...This has been a big quest for me. Starting out with very little can be a challenge. Working with those funds can make you a creative woman though! I had to do the best that I could with my little money and the few products that I made. It's almost like gambling. You spend a little and hope to get back even more. Essentially, you ARE taking a risk! (You spend what you have on the products, sell them at reasonable prices, and use that "SEED MONEY" to keep fueling your company). Unfortunately, that's how I made my money and am continuing to grow. I am researching how to write business proposals/grants. This will be where the real money is! I know that we can do it! Stay positive through it all. You're certainly not alone.
Use your washes, candy sales, bake sales, rent out a spot to do an event....get will be surprised. I hear people say a lot that you need a lot of money to do your dream...But, all you need is passion.


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