I recently ceated this network July 1, for black ladies to keep up with beauty tips and fashion trends and all the things to be a fabulous Diva. Also for any businesses that offer products or services for beauty. How do I get more members?



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Hi Joslyn

First things' first, you have to think of the purpose of your site, and why you want more people there and what kind of people you want to be on your site (sort of like a target market); this will now make it easier for you to direct all your effort and energy to the right channels. Once you know who you are targeting, go for them! Get them where they can be found.
1) Network and participate: One good thing you have already done is posting this discussion, people will read it and go to your site and check it out and if its their sorta thing they will join. This shows you the power of what you have just done. So what you do is you go to the sites where you know your target hangs out and participate there, for example certain groups on this network on social sites and participate especially giving advice on your area of expertise and then telling them to go to your site.
2)Blogs: Since you want people to keep up to date with the latest trends in fashion and you want to give them beauty tips, simply start blogging on that, you can even have a weekly blog and this will drive traffic to your site because people will be captivated on what you blog on and they will just wanna go to your site to see more.
3) Advertise: Another way of getting people to join your site is by advertising. People want to be compelled and want a reason to do something. So you advertise and give them the benefits of your site and then at the end of your compelling message you tell them to join your site. These adverts you send to your target market, of which i think your potential market is pretty huge since every woman wants more info on beauty and fashion!

Here's another tip! To make your blogs spicy, LISTEN to your market, find out their needs and expectations and then blog on that, and this may also give you advertising "tag-line" ideas as well. PEOPLE WANT A SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM!

I hope this has been helpful.....
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All the best
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I have to agree with Cynthia that you will have to network and participate a lot on other blogs to attract people to your have to FIND you members until your site is established . Creating a blog is a also a great idea...once you get people to follow your blog they will most likely join your network as well.

Latreeka Williams
Diva Designz- A Modern & Trendy Web Design Studio
Starting the network is the easy part, building it is a whole another story. I always suggest keeping the network lively by doing everything you want your members to do - add interesting articles, pics, and groups and be sure to let the members know when you have great content for them to check out.

Happy members create traffic because they share the space with their friends. Another cool trick is creating a similar small group for your network on biggers spaces like facebook or social networks like BBWO, so you can tap into our traffic stream.

For more tips Review Create Your Own Ningalicous Network.
WOOOOW ! I created a group on Facebook like you adviced and instantly I got many friends to join ! Thanks a bunch. Fabulous tip. Really helped!!


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