I have noticed a trend lately that is extremely disturbing to me: Lots of small business owners and authors don't have business cards. Before I go into my thoughts of why these things are vital to book sales, and just sales period, i'm curious to know how many of you have business cards and how many of you don't, why or why not?

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I think business cards in a network marketing business can be a crutch. You may be scared to get someone's information so you give them your card. I kicked off my discovery toys business this week, with no cards, just the materials for my business kit. I set 12 parties/toy displays in one week, My coach says that's unheard and thinks I set a company record,

My line "I just ran out of cards. Can I have your info or card, my contact information in on the back of the catalog." and at the fair i did this saturday...I use the same line, but said my contact information is on the flyer and ask them to put theirs on my newsletter sign up sheet. With this tactic I got info and a leads list for free.

This is a much cheaper grassroot marketing tactic I picked up from being a community organizer when my organization couldn't afford to make each organizer a card.

I did buy card stock this weekend to print my own, but my computer is not formatting the way my company prefers. So I may order some once I turn a profit and get my cash bonuses. ( I'm returning the card
As a Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay, I meet women all the time and use my business cards very often. I find it an easy way not only to get my info in their hands for future reference but it makes it easier for me to ask for their contact info in return. I'll hand them my card (after I've confirmed their interested in hearing from me again) and a info card and say, "why don't you jot down your name and number so I can give you a call..." Works great for me!
Old style cardstock business cards are not vital to all businesses. Many businesses use electronic business cards, especially if they have an international or youthful clientele.

If you are American and your client lives in Dubai, old style cardstock business cards won't necessarily help you close a sale since recommendations from a known associate (networking) are more important in finalizing a sale.

If you are selling to the youth market, nothing beats emailing your electronic business card to their mobile so it can be downloaded onto their iPOD.

If you do prefer to hand out business cards forget the old style card. Trying handing out keychains or a USB Memory Stick with your company name and logo. Old fashioned cards are usually lost are shoved into a desk drawer and forgotten. Nobody throws out a USB Memory Stick. It will remain in your client's USB computer port, with your company name and logo visible every time he/she sits down to use their laptop. That's what we use. We also give away ACER netbooks with our logo below the keypad. But we have money to spare for these kinds of client perks. But try the keychain or memory stick if your marketing budget is small.

warm regards,

Denise van Esche
I dont have business cards, but I do believe that it is more convient to hand someone a card after networking.
I actually have business cards and they bring me business. Most of my clients ask for my business cards to pass out. Word of mouth is great but word of mouth with card is even better. Just tonight I received a call from a business card I gave someone. I guess it depends on what your business is.
I do have business cards to respresent my company and the reason for that is because to let people know the purpose of the business that I own and word of mouth. Not only that, especially if you have done a good service for them that will gain more potential clients for you.
As a Travel Consultant, I do not leave my house without business cards, postcards or flyers. Sometimes I do not have time to sit down and speak with someone or even write out my name and address. The business card is right there at my fingertips.
I recently ordered business cards from VisaPrint as well. I think they came out great and they were pretty inexpensive.

I look at business cards as just another tool in the toolbox. While they may not be the trendiest, newest or most popular way to communicate your contact info they can still be a valuable tool and I'd rather have them available if the situation calls for it..

Soulful Engagements
I have a ton of business cards. My problem is that I often forget to put them in my pocketbook when I go to an event. I have 3 sets - one for my full time job and one for each of my websites. I'm looking for a nice, yet inexpensive (if there is such a thing) business card holder that will hold either all three or at least one for each. I was given a nice card holder many years ago that only holds about 3 cards so it's not very functional. Any suggestions?

But I dont understand why you would keep someone elses contact info in your wallet and not your own.

Keep your cards in your car or both cars. That way you can just walk out to the car and get when the time is right to exchange information. I keep mine in a zip lock bag in the glove compartment. I hope this helps.

I do! Always on me...I used Vista Print before...And I was so happy with them until I found out about just looked THAT much better! And eye-catching! However..they are more expensive...$20 for 50 of the regular sized Business cards...But they are worth it! I noticed people picking them up quicker than the others. Haha, but I also used a promotion to get them for free. Just paid for shipping ($5)

Here's some discount codes:

The code is for 15% off your FIRST order on any Moo product you want. The code is 2RB2CK

This one is for FREE Moo cards until April 30th!

Hope this helps...Just give it a try =)

I was wondering about whether or not to have business cards. These posts helped me make a decision. I'll give it a try. I decided to use the site for the free 50 (I'm probably even cheaper than most LOL) just to see how they work out for me. I would like to know when and where I should use them or whatever. I don't think that there are many "functions" around my way that would call for needing one, but I'm not sure. I would be grateful of any suggestions anyone can give me. Thanks


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