Before you jump head first into introducing your small business to the world wide web and across social networks, you should really consider how you want to brand yourself. Think about your mission, your goals and what it is exactly, you are going to accomplish.

Despite what you may believe or have heard, social networks are not a way for you make sales and generate an income. You need to embrace the idea, that social networks are tools that you can use to establish an online presence, develop brand awareness and most importantly, create lasting relationships.

Building your personal brand on social networks does not have to be a complicated procedure. In fact, your more than likely doing it already. Like mostly everyone, I’m sure you have a Facebook account and probably a Twitter account too…right? So, your already online creating your presence.

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very great article.  this is so true, i'm starting to feel like i'm on the right path of building my brand.  It's so exciting to gain great and useful knowledge.  Thanks for sharing Tamyka.
Your welcome are doing an exceptional job at building your brand...I see you every where!!!
have you taken down your cake yet
Not yet, its so cute I don't want to but I will

Great post, Tamyka! Continuing to develop my brands was one of my goals for this year, and this post made me think about how I'm doing so far.


Also, I think it's so important for people to be authentic and themselves because like you said, "YOU can NOT be duplicated." Thanks for sharing.


you got that right Jamie, I can Never be duplicated.  I think that's the only way to be is your true self.  People can see right through you if you're being fake.


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