The affects of the economic downturn have led us to turn to family and friends for comfort and support as we seek to either retain our jobs, or aspire for something new. Friends and family often give us great advice and tell us what we wish to hear but can they really get us from A-B?. No, not always.
A Life Coach can help you define and achieve your goals by facilitating positive changes in your life. With this in mind, who should we choose from the thousands of Coach's out there seeking our custom?
- Seek someone who understands your problem. Many Coach's profess to be able to Coach on any and everything however you want someone who has specialised in your 'niche' and clearly knows what they are talking about with the tools and techniques specific to that niche, i.e. career, relationships etc
- Seek someone who challenges you. What do I mean by this? A good Coach will often ask 'difficult and challenging' questions that you avoid confronting yourself. These are the same questions that keep you stuck in a rut in the first place. Why? Because you fail to address them.
- Seek a Coach who you warm to and feel that you make a compatible match
- Seek a Coach that knows your objective - What do I mean by this? (read on in part 2)

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I agree with you when you state choose a coach that has a niche. A jack of all trade in coaching may not work for all. Check out We are looking for great coaches who want to widen their network and offer their awesome services to many women. Connect with me for more! God Bless!
I so agree with your posting .. this is very helpful for those seeking out Life Coaching as a career .. I am a Life coach with emphasis in Personal, Relationship,Life Improvement and Personal growth... and I Love , love , Love what I do ... God has been good to me in helping me reach out to others who at times need that extra boost .... thanks for posting this
Great Tips .. thanks for sharing Samantha. Every month on the Women of Color Coaching program, Richelle and I seek to work with a specific audience and motivate them to take the right steps towards improving their marketing online and online. You always need to find someone who understands where you are and where you want to be. -lh

I have a wonderful Coach by the name of Tamara Pope. I did not have the adise before hand that was listed above, but those were the exact qualities I looked for. Tamara Pope is at You can read her bio there. Check out the other coaches there too. Tell them Brenda Pryor sent you!!


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