How to create Oprah OWN Channel and Dream Board

Here are some other options to creating Vision Boards online.
1. Create a slide show with music using software such as Animoto
2. Use prepackaged Vision Board Software

Do you have an online tools that you use? Leave your comments below.

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Great tips, but evenven if you do the slideshow you need something  that is in your face 24/7. I have a sheild that is divided into 4 parts, it it the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night. This has really worked to help me keep a more postive outlook and to stay focused on what it is I'm to accomplish in 2011. If some one makes a negative comment about the one I have in my living room, I start slowly distancing myself from that person. For me the negative comment shows  that persons true feelings about you. To often people may not like you but want to stay in your personal spotlight because it benefits then but there are no benefits to you. You have to watch out for these energy stealers because they come at you in many different ways.
Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing


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