If you have been contemplating starting a blog or website you your timing couldn't be better. Right now I am offering free Wordpress blog setups.


You should use be using a self-hosted Wordpress because it's

  1. Easy to use
  2. 100% yours (you never have to worry about anyone shutting you down)
  3. Customizable and Expandable
  4. Unlimited income potential

You are probably wondering why and how I can offer this service for free. The truth is I love Wordpress as a blogging and website platform. I've used it to set up all my websites and it just works.


The other reason I am offering this service for free is because I see so many people struggling with their web presence. Your website is your face to the world. You wouldn't go out with a bad make-up job would you?


Because we all know 1st impressions matter, you website should be top notch. So I am offering free wordpress setup because people need help and I want to help as much as possible. It's my contribution to the greater good.


Beautiful Websites For All!!


Now the milion dollar question is how can I possibly offer this service for free. The answer is referrals. Before I can set up your site you will need a web hosting service. That is the only way to truly have control over your website.


A self-hosted Wordpress site allows the most flexibility and customizations. You can do whatever you want on it and make as much money as you want without anyone breathing down your neck about your content or money generating ads.


So are your ready to get your blog set up? If so visit Pro~Bono Blogs now and begin the easy 3-step process.


Step 1: Sign up for my preferred web hosting service

Step 2: Complete the Free Blog Setup request form

Step 3: Sit back and relax while your blog is set up


You will get beautiful themes, the most popular plug-ins to keep your site safe, and 30 days of free support.


Get Started Now --->>> Click to get your Pro~Bono Blog


If you decide you want more help with customization you can get it for a very affordable price.


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hey Samantha, I have a website hosting with just host and I sent you the information.


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