Hi everybody,
I have a question for this fabulous group. What is the best way to go about getting people to respond to surveys? Even something as simple as answering one question? Where is the best place to ask questions to get answers from the general public? For example, I create workshops for women and I am trying to find out what titles and topics women are interested in attending, but aside from asking my friends (a good start, but not enough) I don't know who else to ask or where? What are your suggestions? How do you find out what women want so you can give it to them? I'm looking forward to your responses!

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Lavada I love that idea! A focus group! Very smart way to bounce ideas at the same time gain insight into the needs of your target market.
Yes, the focus group has been awesome. I recommend that everyone join or create one.
Thank you so much! I am (or plan to be soon) in need of an accountant so I will definitely keep you in mind Katrina? Where are you located? When are your sessions held? I would love to attend. And you are so right, Lavada is the bomb! :)
Hey Nicolette.

BBWO is a great place. I met Lavada here actually when she responded to my blog post and we hit it off IMMEDIATELY! We've been collaborating and supporting each others endeavors since (been a few months). We have some future events and projects coming so stay tuned!

At any rate, I'm located in North Carolina and I service clients throughout the US virtually. My live chat sessions are every Wednesday 2-4 pm from my website. I take the first 30 mins and discuss a topic then the rest of the time is open for questions from viewers. So far it's been working GREAT! On my website are a list of my upcoming webinars but you can also subscribe to my mailing list by joining my community as that's the best way to stay posted!

I'll inbox you separately but I work with clients from EVERY stage. Today I spoke with a lady who isn't quite ready to hire a bookkeeper but at least needs some place to go to receive sound accounting advice and resources. Check out my website and join the community!

Thanks Nicolette AND Lavada!
Hi Katrina,
I just visited your site and tried to join? Do I have to be on FB to join because I am not. (I have to do that, but haven't yet). Is your site a ning or something else? I love the way it's set up.

As an accountant, do you recommend setting up a "business" right away (before you really do business) or waiting until you have had some clients and get some money? I have heard arguments for both. What you do you think? I am still confused on what to do regarding this.

Check your inbox! I'm responding now :-)
Oops! actually couldn't send you a message to your inbox b/c we aren't friends yet. so I'll respond here.

No you don't have to login via facebook, it's just there as a matter of conveinence for those who may already have facebook. You can create your own username and password. :-)

Regarding your question. That's an EXCELLENT question. I mean that honestly b/c I've never heard it before and honestly have never considered something like this. You have just sparked a new blog post I'm going to do!
"Setting up a business" depends on a few things:
1. Entity type (do you want it to be a corporation, LLC, proprieitorship?)

If you choose to be a sole proprietorship, they you business is already set up when you say "I'm Nicolette Coaching Services Extraordinaire!" :-) If you are thinking of any other structure then it depends on point #2

2. When you anticipate beginning to incur expenses for your business

I say expenses b/c it's almost ALWAYS certain you will spend money in your business before you make money. You want to have a way to track this right away.

I think I will post a blog on this soon but in the meantime I have some videos on the website that talks about entity types and if you want to schedule a (free) consultation we can do that too! (right from the website :-)

Hope this helps!
you can email me directly at
I don't know where the reply button went to your recent post, but I will "call" you on your site tomorrow. I'm glad to know my question inspired a new blog post (yay!!)

I look forward to speaking with you! Can't wait.

P.S. I started a new discussion but I also notice that you are doing it too, so what do you think about this question:

Do you suggest starting a blog on Wordpress even though you can blog on your ning site. Should you do that? If so, why?


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