Do you have a business where you can customize your order or do you make wonderful products that you make yourself?

A good idea is to keep your customer coming back is to create coupons where you can give half off, buy one and get one free, or get a new order and recieved a free product.

I have custom made my coupon on microsoft words and it's so easy to do. Just pick a template and upload your own picture and text. This way you have controll of your coupon and giving out coupon is one of the ways to keep your returning customer coming back and they might even bring you more sells. O always put them in with all my orders so when they open up their gift set they'll see the custom made coupon that I made.

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This is a great suggestion, I do this for my business and I get repeat business from it. I suggest putting an expireration date on the coupon.
A lot of my customer like the idea of getting some type of discount and I do too. I love to have coupon when I go shopping or I am always in the clearance rack. I am glad you enjoyed this tip.


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