I'm a newbie business woman who's trying to spread the word about my two online businesses. Today isn't my day and I've been feeling dejected all morning and afternoon long. I need more encouragement because *Speechless*

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Tell us about your businesses...

I started a 24/hour daycare business in my home. I been in business for 6 years. And now I want to come out of the home to a building. But I change the daycare to a non-profit center. We are doing our fundrasiers to come up with the money for a building.
We call my daughter Hannah Banana. Been there before but it gets better if you know what to do. What are your two online businesses?
When fighting the good fight, look to your corner for support. Also want to know about your business.
Hi I have been there it's one of those moments that you start to second quess yourself. My website is and I am building a game action application for facebook, and to be honest it is hard,there are so much crap on the internet that it's hard to sift through it all. and it's hard getting people to sign up for anything because it is so much out there. but the key is finding that right moment,and not to worry you will find it, have you tried the following

1. making a facebook fan page

2. pr web it is only $25 bucks for media contact

3. a twitter account and myspace

4. try a message board blaster software

I also have adsen and ad advertising on maybe you should set up an ad space on a popular site facebook has ads you set your budget my own is only 25 a week I have 2000 members it takes a while to get real members. but keep at it,and as God because that the only one who could fix anything, :) (I wish I could market my novels like this ) thanks
I don't even have $25.00 to my name. Smh :\
I've gotten members through facebook and twitter. I have 30 members on of my sites. Its REALLY hard though...
Hang in there sister we all have those days. Tomorrow is a new day so use the rest of the day to prepare for what's in store for what's front of you. Be Blessed!!!
Be Encouraged! Keep on movin'... Keep on pressin'....
Hi HannahBanana,

There will be days like today. But don't let it get you down. You may hear a thousand "no" answers, but all it takes in one "yes" from God and things can turn around instantly. Keep your head up!



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