I'm a newbie business woman who's trying to spread the word about my two online businesses. Today isn't my day and I've been feeling dejected all morning and afternoon long. I need more encouragement because *Speechless*

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My sister,
hang in there because it is so close. it is just around the corner. so press forward, but don't you quit!
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Consider this as encouragement, encouragement, encouragement. You can prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers.

Warmest regards,
you can do it just stay focused,motivated,enthusiastic,confident and strong willed it will all fall in place for you just allow it to pray about it and god will tell you what direction to go in.

also try to advertise free like a free web page on, then there is a voice mail service you can use called e-voice .com it is free for the first 6mths then it is 13.00 a month. try starting a email and fax campaign.then use vista print for free marketing materials.there are many ways to get out there it just takes time to do it. good luck with your success.

I hope all is well with you and that through all of the words of support and encouragement you received, that you have found a sense of calm within. You see, it is so wonderful to have a site like BBWO, you get to see that you are not along. Its just a trick of the enemy to get you to focus on what you don't have and place doubt in your mind. Block out all that outside negativity, become absolute, To quit is not an option. If you do, what do you have? I have had plenty of moments like these, especially when I am trying to get things done and its seems like nothing is working right, kids screaming, cats being needy, phone keep ringing, computer crashing, deals falling through. You are going to have those moments, nothing worth having comes easy. One quick tip that helps me. Take a step back, breath, get by yourself, even if its locking yourself in the bathroom, drawing you a hot bath and just relax and reflect on your WHY. Why did you want to do this in the first place, what does it mean to you, how do you feel when you see yourself being successful in your business, See yourself successful in your business (this is very very important). Then don't ask yourself why this isn't working, ask yourself what do you need to do to make it work. write it down, sometimes it only take changing a couple of things to make a tremendous difference. Still don't know?.. Find a mentor, someone that is already doing what you are doing and is having real success! don't be afraid to ask for help. If you can, hire a consultant or join a mastermind group. You can do this, you will get past this if you just remember your why and don't own those negative feeling, let nothing take your voice. You have a purpose and a vision, Go hard, and never never ever give up! God did not give up a spirit of fear(which place doubt) but that of peace, love and a sound mind! Be Blessed!
Welcome and I am so sorry you feel this way. I also have 2 businesses and my brand new on is I struggle because I am excited and think well everyone else should as well. One thing do not rely on friends and family to purchase. Most time they looking for a discount. Number two Do not exasperate the ones that have purchased. I try doing specials. Placing your website any place you can. Try bazaars, but be carefull with that as well. I had a person pay 975.00 for a vendor space for two days and did not even break even. If you do a vendor spot. Make sure you are in the middle and VERY VISUAL. Colors, flyers, specials, helpers to walk around to give flyers.

It is very hard out there but it you have a goal then stick to is. My friend was placed in Essence as she has about a 3 mil business and bring aprx 100k a year. Guess what it is? AVON. It took her about 7 years I think. So it is not a quick thing money maker. I had to think about that as well and get my hustle on. Hope it helps a little. NETWORK!!!!!
Hey HannahBanana,
You're my tweeple! If you have time for a give-away, I need somebody to host it. I'm one person from having 800 friends on FB and would like to give-away one because I thought I'd get about 73 people and that's about it. It's easy and I'll make something new so my repeat customers won't be like, "I got that already!" I'll tweet, fb, put it on my site, and do a blog post.

And all you need to do for the ads is ask folks for $25 a month or $60 for three months at first and put up a 125 X 125 banner. When your site gets bigger & better then $40 a month. I don't do google adwords b/c my site is at the top for natural hair accessories. Many find that it's a rip off unless they are Carol's Daughter & Curlz.

And post about Mary Kay on Maybe some make up tutorials with the make-up. Some simple step by step photos. Or a quick - I got this look using these products - photos.

Here are two sites that are good at that advertising. (Yes, they just happen to be a little plug to me too.)

Keep you head up! And let me know if you're intereseted in the give-away.

~ MiMi of Tomoka's Twists
I'm sure my response is late I have a quote for you and i hope it finds your heart and provide future strength. "Do not pray for easy lives, pray to be stronger, do not pray for tasks equal to your powers, pray for powers equal to your task." phillips brooks. remember if god brings you to it he will take you through it. peace and blessings
Wow ladies, we have got to keep pushing on. What we work the hardest for is what we hold onto. At the end of the day all of the hard work, patience and drive we have to have is well worth it. Hannah and Amanda said it best. Hannah gave some great no cost or low cost ideas on how you can get your business out there. Amanda is giving you the best weapon you can ever own...The Word. Try both and you will see; you cannot go wrong. Remember, "Run with perseverance the race marked out for you" (Heb. 12:1).


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I know how you feel. I make my own brochure and staple my business card on them and pass them out. I also have sample that I show so the ladies can smell it. When ever I am at the bus stop, the bank, or talking to the post lady, I tell them about my business and hand them my brochure and a sample in a pretty bag.
Have you watched or read "The Secret"? I believe that if you haven't, you need to - and if you have, you should again. You must understand that we have full control over what comes our way in life. The energy that you put out into the universe is the energy that you will receive back. Try to focus on staying positive - even when it is extremely difficult. Create a dream board, write inspirational quotes on your mirror, write and read out loud 5-10 aspirations every day. These are some things that you can do every day to remain focused, determined, and positive. Trust me when I tell you that these things work, but you must always practice them - even when you don't feel like it. Keep your head up Sistah - all will be well.
You've come to the right place for encouragement. I also recently started a business and felt that way for about a day.  I then just made the decision to keep my head up and stay positive every day.  2 days later, I had so much business I couldn't keep up. Positivity breeds positivity.....and attracts clients and even potential individuals to network with.  We all feel this way from time to time......tomorrow is a new day.


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