I would like to higlight you and your business on my blog

Starting on June 1, I am starting a new blog post series on my blog, What I will be doing are interview/profiles highlighting individuals who have their own business/side hustle. I'm only doing a limited number to start off, I have two already but need four more people. If you are interested, please email me at and include a photo of you and one that represent your business/products/etc., a link to your business site/shop/etc. and we will work out the details for the interview.

Looking forward from hearing from you guys.

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You ladies are wonderful. I have all of the spots filled for now but because of the huge response I am starting a waiting list (for the lack of a better word).

thank you will do,hope i'm not to late,#BBWO continued blessings tatia,1love

well i just read i was late,lol, will get on the waiting list!! thank you agian

please still send me an email, that's if you haven't already. I am working on the features write now.


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