Tuesday, May 26, 2009 I am going to be 29 years old! I am still in my twenties, thank GOD! *LOL* Yes, it is my birthday and so I decided to have a mini-shopping spree and I can think of no better place to spend my hard earned BBWO Dollars than right back here on BBWO. I have browsed both the member pages and photo gallery to find special gifts for me and I will post them all here.

This is actually iBuy Black on BBWO 2009, because I did this last year. Check out: iBuy Black on BBWO 2008.

Before I start buying, I just wanted to say a few things:
1. I am really excited to see how many of you have joined BBWO and shared your work. This network has really been a pleasure to create in more ways than one.

2. I have enjoyed working with so many of you thus far. To those of you who have purchased my books, banners, site promotions etc. - I appreciate all the support and genuinely put in 110% to give you the best work as well as promote your sites to the best of my ability.

3. It is for these reasons that I feel it's so important for me to support members not only verbally, but financially as well. Buying from BBWO members is a great way to recycle my black dollars and yours as well in exchange for amazing products and services. After all, finding practical solutions to recycling Black Dollars starts with ME and You - actually purchasing from one another!

4. I am going to post all my BBWO purchases right here and I encourage you to do the same. If you bought a product or service from some one on this group share it, promote it, review it and don't be afraid to be honest about it. I want this space to be supportive, but it's important to also be real. Give honest reviews, because constructive criticisms can help us learn and grow.

5. So let's get started BBWO. I am stepping up to the challenge and I hope that you are with me on this one. If you have already purchased something and posted it, please repost it here! And if you haven't already added your products to our photo gallery please do, its our mini-mall so use it.

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If you bought something on BBWO at some point this year and posted about it in your blog or in a group, please add a link to your post here, so we all can share how we are buying Black on BBWO!

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My first Birthday Buy: Hair Butter for my growing locks from Naturally Nurturing Beauty

Birthday Buy #2: I love Tomokas Twists Hair Accessories. I wore at my last one and my locks are in need of a lift, so this one was a must have birthday buy. Plus I love the beads that say "Good Hair!" ... that speaks volumes and I want my hair shouting that out every where I go. *lol* URL:

Birthday Buy #2: Much Needed Love My Skin Body Essentials. I bought a few things from a fellow sistapreneur, Sharon McNab, Avon Representatives. They are having a killer sale right now. I got a MOISTURE THERAPY Oatmeal Body Care Collection 5 piece set for like $10. And then I bought this cute little sterling silver ring with my initial on it. Plus a few other things. I like the fact I got a bunch of stuff for $33 and FREE SHipping. I'm gonna spend but you know I'm on a budget :)


I have a few more days to shop, so I'll keep checking back in the photo gallery for new finds: Jewerly, Clothing (I love tees), Books, Artwork, I'm a sucka for shea butter ... all natural gurl what can I say.

Alright, I'll keep shopping. Post your BBWO Buys Guys. We definitely have to support are fellow Black Entrepreneurs and Women in Business!

LaShanda! We certainly hope that you have MANY MANY more Sistah! Wooo hooo!!! Why not light up your very special day with a For Every Home...BIRTHDAY CAKE soy candle? It's gorgeous-sprinkles for a topping and all-minus the usual fat, calories, and cholesterol! (lol) Sooo scrumpteous you'll think it's a REAL birthday cake! Wow!!! To order click then "Shop" then "Candles". It's part of our Basic Essentials line. Have a BLAST on Tuesday-you DESERVE it! Diane in NYC. 718 716-7152 (24/7 Voicemail) Want to SEE the candle? Great! It's my profile picture!
Happy Birthday!!! I would like to give you any $100 item of your choice from my catalog for $15.00. All of the jewelry comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. Check out the catalog at it is the Spring/Summer 2009 catalog. Happy shopping!!!!
Really ..... I have to go check it all out and send you a message. I can't pass up this offer :P
Here is my latest iBuy Black Buy:

Right now, you can find Avon's Moisture Therapy Shea Butter in a 13.5 fl. oz bottle for half the regular price -- just $3.99 -- product # 596-483 ...
And, Advanced Retexturizing Peel is just $15 -- product # 381-139 ..
Buy an Apple Gold iPOD Shuffle for just $29, with any $40 fragrance purchase ...
Ladies, the men in your life will love Derek Jeter's fragrance, Driven -- a limited edition version is available, while supplies last, for just $17.99...

~ Sharon, your AVON rep
thank you for making me to remember to upload more pictures.
happy birthday and good shopping experiences.

all the best


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