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Hi All!

I have a new business and am looking for a Joint Venture. I need a business's customer list that specifically targets my market of African American women. Please feel free to make me a proposition to sell to your client list. In other words, "What would make it good for you to let me market to your clients/customers."

I can be contacted at

/> ..>..

Hello enterprising women,

I have an empowerment boot camp coming up and would like to joint venture with someone to
connect with other like-minded women. I have made this dynamic event free, however, there is
an upgrade option. The upgrade has been tagged with an affiliate link, however, this would also
be a great resource for anyone with a large network/group etc. while you also benefit from those
that choose to upgrade.

Thanks for considering.

The event is here: and the first session begins March 12


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