I am looking forward to sharing with the world my first book titled "Today". "Today" is a self-help book for children grieving the loss of a loved one. Release date has not been set, but it is coming soon. Check my new Facebook page "B Smith Publications" for the latest updates on the release and happenings of this helpful tool that school counselors, parents and church members can use to help these children learn how to effectively express themselves. 

I always had a love for writing, even at a young age.  I would keep journals galore around my room with writings for daily happenings, or short stories I would create on the fly, and poetry I loved to share with a select few family members and friends.  It took me about twenty years to finally adhere to my calling of writing.  By no means am I a professed know-it-all, but I enjoy sharing what I have learned from my personal life's lessons and encouraging others, especially African-American youth and women.   It is my passion!  Helping others find their inner jewel is what I love doing most.  I am a woman of God, who has not always lived life according to HIS will, but through my trials and tribulations, I believe it is my responsibility to give back the love and redemption that was given to me. 


I hope you all take some time to like my Facebook page under the name "B Smith Publications".  I plan to update this Facebook page with all the latest news and press releases coming soon for my upcoming projects.



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Thank you so much for the introduction. I look forward to getting to know you. My name is Dominique Watson. I'm a published author of six books. I've been writing since i was a young girl as well. I run an online magazine for writers, authors and business owners.


We interview and feature those of the literary world. If you are looking for a feature and more exposure check us out. I'd be more than happy to walk you through getting featured.


My job is to help authors and writers like yourself and ENJOY doing it :-)


Please call or email me at:


(619) 228-5239


Our website can be seen at

Once again I look forward to getting to know you!


Thanks! Dominique


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