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Do you think Social Networking is working for you ... as far as helping you promote your business online? If so, how? If not, why?

Post a comment below.

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I'm learning more and more about how to leverage the use of Social media.
Each one is different and there are certain guidelines to follow when considering this.
One thing I have learned is that you must learn how to draw the right people to you
and there's a mix involved in the whole idea of social media.
The big piece is managing your time it can be a time waster if you don't know
how to balance your use of these resources.
I am considering purchasing your ebook I believe it is on developing your own
network as you are one to listen to I would think. : - )
Thanks for all you do.

Robin aka Empowermentdiva
Social Networking is a great way to promote my business online. It helps to be able to reach out to people I wouldn't necessarily have the opportunity to meet within my local circle... and for the most part - it's FREE!! That's ALWAYS a benefit!! And I definitely agree with Lydia. You have to know your Niche market. There are certain networks that are "just for fun" and there are some that are EXCELLENT for business and you have to know which ones in which you should participate to meet the right people.
Well it's not really working for me, I pass out cards,flyers and attend monthly mixers, but don't seem to generate any business. I also think it is because there are so many scams going on now that people are more cautious. Most of my business is from word of mouth, from previous clients or family and friends.
Hi Shawn. I totally understand how you feel, however, I don't know what business you are in, but I encourage everyone to listen to Dani Johnson. Send me your email address and I would be happy to send you a special link. Once you get it, jump right on the free training and start to educate yourself about networking and prospecting. She offers loads of information and it WILL help you grow your business. Hope this helps. My email address is

Social networking is a perfect match for my business needs. My businesses are driven by authentic relationships, which can be a very slow build in the person-to-person world. Social networking provides a platform for speaking to and connecting with thousands of people at once, and honing in on the ones who are a match for my needs and vice verse. I have gained new clients, formed successful joint ventures, increased attendance at my offline events, and started a new stream of revenue as the direct result of social networking. Each network is different, though, and it pays to spend time observing before jumping in.
Well, I've only been a part of this social network a few months so it is quite early to tell if it is working for me or not. The others are right, you have to be mindful of which networks to join that will help promote your business and also it can be a bit time consuming. I also agree that it is free and a great way to meet new people. I'm still monitoring if it has been a good benefit to me or not. Patience is key.
it's not working for me.i'm assuming nobody has spending capital from USA to SA even though we have this major event happening next year (world soccer 2010), or maybe i'm missing something.if so, input would be most welcomed.

Johnson Travels
Online social networks have worked well for my business. I know I have only just tapped into the surface of the potential that is there. The biggest lesson I have learned for myself is learning to balance my focus on the social networks vs the other marketing aspects of my business...especially since this is my side businesss right now. Managing my time and targeting my focus to specific groups has been the key to the growth I've seen so far.
I just started this wonderful business and I have a website, but don't know how to direct traffic to the site.
I'm not good with computers and I have alot to learn. I have not had any sell on my website so far. So i'm hoping
that social networking will help.
Hope, someone once told me for people to visit your site they have to know it exist, so you should always give your website address when posting on the web. When checking my stats I see visitors all the time who have linked from something I posted on a site and sometimes it is posts I made months ago.
I love social media and it works now as long as it is free & open. However, my social media site deals with mental health & wellness and I strongly feel keeping people's information private, secure and confidential--as close to the HIPAA laws as I can make it due to the liability. There is a price for that access and I feel my social media site is uniquely positioned for someone to get real assistance, should someone desire it.

As far as really having strongly assertive members helps, if that is one's business. And my business inherently deals with women who suffer from a mental illness and are unwilling to share aspects of my business to them, while the service is so great... So, that means I have to market myself. My customers who would like to join are men. Yet, gentlemen can post harshly, especially when it is a messageboard.

Anyhow, I am getting traction from my Twitter and new major blog accounts.
As an author, it is not really working in terms of generating on-line sales, but it is helping me develop relationships and hopefully name recognition so when I begin to venture out and do events people will buy my book because they remember me from a SN site and have read my promotions. One thing I am learning is that readers look for names they know and are less likely to support a newbie. Plus, it seems whereever I try to network I attract other authors and not necessarily avid readers, or readers looking to buy your book. After much thought, I believe the goal of some is either to keep abreast of what the competiton is doing, and/or to capitalize on readers who are looking to buy books.

I did a book giveaway on my ning site only to learn that over half of the winners were authors. It annoyed me because the purpose of book giveaways is to get the book in the hands of readers who will post a review and tell others about the book. But I digress.

Author of He Loves Me He Loves Me Not!


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