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Do you think Social Networking is working for you ... as far as helping you promote your business online? If so, how? If not, why?

Post a comment below.

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Hey Tracy. I'm a little late on the reply. I'm still trying to learn how to manage my time with SN. But about your contest... what I have learned from my own research and from LaShanda's e-books is that you may need to target who you invite to your site. Authors are THE group to have in your corner because you never know who knows someone that knows someone... but maybe if you had a site for "just readers" and your join now page would have them list books they have read... try a search for a book club. Just a suggestion...

Social networking is working for me, mainly because I have realized what works for me and what doesn't work for me. I also post blogs and give tips on a daily basis. It has increased my website traffic, my myspace friends, my facebook friends, etc. I think one has to find what works for them and try to go with that. I answer other peoples blogs, leave comments, etc, which is another way I bring people towards me. All of those methods work. While, I'm probably not blogging as often as I should, when I do the system I have created has definitely worked for me.
I have a blog, but I am not blogging like I should. In order to make it work for you, you should blog at least 3 or more times a week so that you can rank high in the search engines and have great keywords.

The secret is doing the keyword research which can be time consuming, but well worth the effort if you're on the first page of Google. Fortunately I can help with that also. Perhaps I will start a group about that very subject.

What do you think? I think I will, to help others who need help with keywords.
Not really. I am still a little confused on how to utilize the different social networks that I belong to. I still am not certain how to add a link to my business page on BBWO.

Nicole Arkadie
Hi Nicole,

I can help with putting links on your business page. Fortunately I am very good with that. Just let me know and I will be glad to help you.
Hi Daphne,

Would it be okay if I could show you a way to get FREE training for success on the internet and network marketing?
Let's see how social networking has helped my business. Since I learned not to do what others are doing, such as joining every affiliate program that comes along. I learned that there is no such thing as multiple streams of income, because you are putting money into everything that looks good and hoping to get rich quick. Truth be told, everything you see on the internet is mostly scams anyway.

I know that I will probably make someone upset by saying this, but I'm just sharing what I have learned from a FREE ebook that I read, and the training that I'm getting is excellent. I am equipped with the knowledge and skills for the success I am having right now.

If you would like to get the FREE ebook, you can, and I can promise you that no one will try to recruit you or anything. That's the beauty of it all. You are welcome to get it here.

I know what you're thinking, that I am promoting the ebook, NO, NO, NO just the opposite. I'm just letting YOU know how you can be successful and be financially free and own your life!

Enough said, just get the book and read it. The TRUTH is in the ebook, if YOU will just read it.

Terri Pattio
For me, social networking hasn't helped my business, at all. I don't devote enough time to be consistent with it. Seems like the more I put my web address out there the more unwanted, adult spam mail I receive. And it doesn't seem worth it. Any suggestions how to profit from social networking is greatly appreciated!

Thanks much and stay blessed!
When I first started in the Social Networking arena, I would get inquiries from folks here and there. Once I took LaShanda's Social Networking webinar awhile back, it helped me tremendously. It's truly about building relationships and not just about advertising your product or service. Folks will not buy from or join a company with people they don't really know or trust. Now my business has picked up a lot and I've been getting tons of referrals. My side hustle is slowly turning into something that I'm gonna need more hours in a day to work. I thank God for this blessing because he knows that this opportunity is something that I really want to pursue full time!

It has worked well for me in relation to the newspaper, the North Dallas Gazette, as I have found people to highlight/events to highlight including some folk who have responded in this thread.

However, for my personal professional objectives, no I have not found the right groove yet.
Here is a related article / ecourse: Are you trying to Sell On Social Networks?
Social Networking is working for me! I have gained many new customers (men and women), who have given me continuous business. I have also been involved in several successful business collaborations. It took time, but when you are consistent working social networking, it will work for you. I am also very happy with my network of professional business women. The weeding process was work, but was/is worth it.


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