Interviewing Celebrity Dad Terry Crews (Everybody Hates Chris and Are We There Yet) was just the beginning... This week I have the pleasure of hosting our first Jada Pinkett Smith: HawthoRNe Tote and Scrub Giveaway Contest.

I personally love watching HawthoRNe and I'm all about supporting our black family friendly TV shows especially when I get to give you something for showing your support as well.

This contest is being hosted on Black Business Women Online AND on The Black Moms Club.

To enter, simply leave a comment answering the following question: Do you have anything in common with Christina, the character that Jada plays in HawthoRNe. If so what?

My Answer: Like Christina, I always feel an urgency to help someone that I see in distress. And I spend way too much  time at work. (lol)

The Prizes: 
One HawthoRNe Tote &  One HawthoRNe Scrub

I will review your comments and randomly select two winners.

HawthoRNe Video Clip

About The Show
The doors of Richmond Trinity have closed... permanently. That's the dramatic reality that opens the second season of TNT's powerful medical drama, HAWTHORNE. This June, the hit series returns with star and executive producer Jada Pinkett Smith (The Women, The Matrix trilogy) as Christina Hawthorne, a Chief Nursing Officer ready for battle on the front lines of a war against declining patient services and hospital budget cuts.

HAWTHORNE is told from the point of view of nurses as they struggle against the odds to deliver the best care possible. The series also stars Michael Vartan (Alias) as Dr. Tom Wakefield, Richmond Trinity's Chief of Surgery who helped Christina's husband during the last stages of his cancer; Suleka Mathew (Men in Trees) as Bobbie Jackson, a fellow nurse and one of Christina's best friends; David Julian Hirsh (Lovebites) as Ray Stein, a nurse struggling with being accepted in a female-dominated profession; Christina Moore (90210) as Candy Sullivan, a nurse with a patriotic sense of duty; Vanessa Lengies (American Dreams) as Kelly Epson, who continues to find her footing as a nurse; and Hannah Hodson (TNT's The Ron Clark Story) as Christina's daughter Camille.

As the second season of HAWTHORNE opens, several Richmond Trinity doctors and nurses have been transferred to James River, a failing hospital in terrible shape. There, Christina butts heads with the ER's head nurse, Gail Strummer (Vanessa Bell Calloway - The District), who is extremely set in her ways. Christina is impressed, however, by the charming Dr. Steve Shaw (Adam Rayner - Mistresses), who hails from England, and the hard-working ER clerk Marcus Leeds (Collins Curtis Pennie - Half Nelson), who has his eye on Camille.

This season, Christina and Tom will try to forge a romantic relationship, especially now that he is no longer serving as Chief of Surgery and can devote more time to patient care and a private life. Bobbie will once again find herself helping out homeless mother Isabelle. Ray's lust-hate relationship with Dr. Marshall will hit some snags over Ray's continued feelings toward Candy, who is serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Kelly's confidence as a nurse will slowly build, thanks in part to her work with a nurse (guest star Sarah Gilbert - Roseanne) who's even more insecure. And Camille takes a step toward adulthood that her mother isn't sure she's prepared to take.

Created by Emmy winner John Masius (St. Elsewhere, Providence, Dead Like Me), HAWTHORNE comes to TNT from Sony Pictures Television in association with Pinkett Smith's 100% Womon Productions, John Masius Productions and Jamie Tarses' FanFare Productions. HAWTHORNE is executive-produced by Pinkett Smith; Masius; Glen Mazzara (The Shield, Crash, Life); and Jamie Tarses (My Boys).

Contest Deadline
July 23, 2010

Winner Announced
Two prize winners will be selected. You will receive an email requesting your address, which will ONLY be used to you your prize.

Claim Your Prize
Check your email for notification.

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Yes, I'm very caring and giving to others
I never miss this show last season or this one. I admire Hawthorne's perserverance in running her part of the hospital. She goes to bat for what she believes in and stands up for her staff and nevery throws anyone up under the bus unless they deserved it. What she and I have most in common is her love of her daughter. I have girls and one son and even though I've had to discipline them they know without a doubt that I'll always be in their corner, no matter what! Being a single mother is no joke!
I love watching the show. I have to catch the re-runs because I am in school when the show is aired. If we had more nurses like the ones on the show we would have a great medical team.
So is Hawthorne giving away Tshirts through BBWO?
I enjoy this show! Jada is great and she is in control of it all!! Sorry to say I only watch it when I can see it online. This is one of the best on tv and online right now. Good clean show! Let' s keep it going family.
I'm like Christina in that I will stand up for what I believe in and, if pushed, will not hesitate to push back.
Like, christina I always feel the need to help those who are in need and overlook my own wants and desires, so that others are happy.
Christina reminds me of myself in that she is a single parent, desiring to raise a responsible child. Also she seeks to encourage those who find themselves in dire straits. She goes beyond her job description, battling administrative agendas for the good of the people. I have just become part of the online talk Hawthorne Inspirations with Bishop Vashti Mckinney, Lady Hillard, Paul White and several others. Christina causes me to look at how I make decisions -- always seeking to help somebody, including myself to become better.
Unfortunately, Hawthorne isn't broadcast here in the Netherlands, yet. I've been reading plenty of positive reviews about the series. I'll definitely check it out the next time I'm in the country. Great contest, LaShanda.

This is such a great opportunity. I don’t usually watch tv and this is one show that has captured my attention. I definitely see a part of me in Christina I will break my neck trying to help others that I see are in need. I am such a big giver when it comes to other’s needs.
Like Christina, I am a single Mom trying to set a good example for my daughter
First of all I would like to say that I love Jada Pinkett Smith. I have followed her career since she was on "A Different World" and I knew then should become a successful Actress. I think she is a jack of all trades. She can wear many hats and still manage to be fierce. I love HawthoRNe and look forward to Tuesday's.

There are many things that I feel I have in common with Christina, the first being her drive and determination. In addition to her having a big heart, she will stop at nothing to do what she knows in her heart is right and will fight to the end to make it happen. She is also a hopeless romantic, loves love and being loved and is committed to it. Overall, she like I, feel the most important things in life are holding together family, being 100% present and dedicated in her professon and knowing when to committ to love.


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