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Two things ... (one) when I asked for suggestions on how to make BBWO better one member requested more information about useful web tools online and offline. Then (# two) on the Digital Sisterhood call last night (audio replay here) one of the topics we talked about "Our Favorite Web Tools." I discovered quite a few resources I've never heard of....

SO I put one and two together to create my latest creation, "Dollar Downloads." I will regularly either give you a code to download one of my digital products for $1 OR share other eBooks, eCourses, web tools, and apps that you can try for $1 or less. And to ensure that I'm not the only one sharing, I've also created a 'Dollar Downloads BBWO Group', so that you can share your creations and/or finds with the entire BBWO community.

I loved being on the Sisterhood radio show last night AND even though I planned on shutting down my Sistas Who Sell 7 Day Challenge, I've been getting such great feedback about it that I decided to make it my first Dollar Download. The next 250 sistas who signup to the challenge and use the code (7FOR1) get access to my 7 Selling / Marketing Tips for only $1. When you click here, just use that code.

ALSO in the spirit of digital sisterhood, share my first Dollar Download with the sistas in your circle. I'm curious to see how many will signup, spread the word, and stay connected! More dollar downloads to come -lh

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Job well done!

Shownda Pagan
Love it!!! I feel like it's my birthday....


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