(let's build a list) 100 Web Tools and Small Business Resources for Web Women Entrepreneurs

Social Networking is all about interacting and working together, so let's get social! On a mission to get all our BBWO Business Women on track I would like to start this discussion in the hopes that we can build a resource list of over "100 Web Tools for Web Entrepreneurs".

To make this happen we all need to participate and comment. Post at least one web tool that you enjoy using and/or have recently discovered. If you can post a series of resources that would be even better.

Throughout my years of working online I've discovered that the more you give, the more you receive. So in the spirit of 'virtual abundance' let the gift giving begin and the technology talk commence!

I will start by sharing a few of my personal favorites:


  1. I use ejunkie to sell my ebooks and ecourses online.
  2. I self publish the SistaSense In Print Magazine via HP Magcloud.
  3. I am BIG one for royalty-free stock photography.
  4. I've been doing my taxes with for several years.
  5. For all my client consultations and business calls I use skype.
  6. For free telecalls my favorite service is FreeConferenceCall.
  7. As I mention in this ebook/video series I only use Ning to develop social networks.
  8. Of all the email marketing services madmimi is one of my favorites.
  9. Pandora is my favorite mobile app for music.
  10. DropBox is a cool tool to share large files with clients.
  11. Feedburner is ecellent for adding a subscription signup form to your blog, sharing your blog subscriber count, and promoting your RSS Feed
  12. WordPress by far the Best Free Blogging Platform
  13. ProBlogger great Resource for any blogger interesting in blogging for profit
  14. ThemeForest is a great place to find themes online.
  15. iContact is also one of my favorite email marketing services.
  16. My web hosting service of choice is Hostmonster.
  17. I use paypal for all my subscription and online invoices.
  18. Freshbooks is also popular for invoicing and online billing.
  19. ShoeBoxed will manage your paper receipts for you so you can go digital / paperless.
  20. MS Office Templates is a great place for non-designers in need of templates for their MS word/powerpoint/excel project.


Alright - now its your turn. Let's see if how long it takes to reach the goal and pass it! Related posts include: 5 Web Services I don't Mind Paying for, Best Tech Tools Picks, and 20 Free Web Tools for Internet Entrepreneurs.

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If you ever need to share a computer screen with team members or for an online class, I suggest

ohh this is a good one.

1. WordPress for all of my personal web projects

2. Paypal to handle my invoices for my design services

3. E-junkie to sell/promote a few of my design services and ebook

4. Dropbox to send large files to clients and as a backup computer files

5. When I don't use my own personal photos, I buy them from istockphoto.

6. Madmimi for my email marketing

7. Shoeboxed to save receipts related to my business (great for tax time)

8. Flickr to store and share photos

9. Twuffer to send out schedule tweets

10. Hootsuite to send out tweets

11. Twitter lists - I was missing out on connecting with people because my timeline was too busy. Now I group certain people into groups so I don't miss out on connecting with them.


I would have to add Google Docs as a must have as well as Google Business Apps. I started using the apps because I really did not want to manage business email accounts on another server. With the apps, I can access the emails associated with my business even though they are not 'technically' set-up on my business site. Also, I use WP as my web site platform; of course, you have to buy your own domain name first and then point it to your WP site but the fact that site edits are easy as pie for me makes me happy! for domains/hosting/email and more, loaded with extras

MailChimp for newsletters/list management

Google Voice for phone service...

MeetingBurner for webinars/teleconferencing

I use Hootsuite to post to all of my social media accounts.  This application allows me to post from my iPhone and to schedule posts in advance so they can spaced over a period of time.


Hootsuite is a nifty tool you can use to keep you on top of your social media game.

Use Toktumi for reasonable virtual phone service; Go Daddy for domains and web hosting - has great 24 hr customer service; Echosign for signing contracts online


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