Have a business catered towards (writing, publishing, business news, professional development, marketing, public relations, or social networking)


Follow me @wattspublishing


Then send me an (email) and I'll be sure to follow you.


Other ways we can connect include: FacebookLinkedIn | RSS


Through this strategy, we each can reach audiences we may not have come in contact with otherwise.


Happy Business Building Everyone...


- Crystal Watts



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sounds good! I just did- @missshanda1
Hi LaShanda,

I am now following you. Thanks!
Hi Doniesa,

I am now following you. Thanks!
Sounds Great Crystal. I'm following you now. I'm @WBCPA

I'm an accountant and help individuals and businesses save money on their taxes. Learn more about our services ->

Do you have an accountant? If yes, we provide free assessments and show you where you could have saved money.

Contact us ->
Hi Crystal--Randall V Designs (@randallvdesigns) is following you on Twitter!

Thanks. Crystal is following @randallvdesigns

Thanks. Crystal is following @ellegantaffairs.
I think this is a perfect idea Sista. I'm already following you. Here's my address I'll pass on your information.
Follow me on twitter @ HappyGilmoreCch. You can also like my page on fb at Please feel free to find me on linked in or email me.
Great Idea!  Hi, this is Trina Newby with Women About Biz.  Follow me on twitter @WomenAboutBiz

Hi Crystal,

That is a great idea! I am new to twitter and still learning the ropes.  I am now following everyone that added their username.

~To your success :)

Sorry Sis. Didn't give you proper address. @flavawear  Am following you now. Great idea. Its being incorporated on every network I belong to.


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